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We've only been here since September so I've yet to experience Fallas but 'surreal' is essentially what I've been hearing from everybody!
Getting wintry in Valencia!          
I thought they looked very slim in the photo ChetB posted 
I thought he was describing an orange tart of some kind, then he said there was no orange tart ... so I just asked for the thing with orange 
Tried to order dessert in my very basic Spanish, got three oranges on a plate.
Personal preference really. My one gripe with the way TOJ bombers and varsities are sized (the stock sized jackets and the MTM ones) is the slimness of the sleeves. IMO, if you're looking at a measurement and hoping that the material will stretch to fit correctly, the measurement is too slim.
  Finally got my A-2 in my hands! A couple of phone shots from the first try on. Very happy that I persisted with making it a bit roomier, especially in the upper arm. The lamb is thicker than I expected, and there's a nice sort of micro-graininess to it when you look at it up close. I've lost the charger for my proper camera but I'll be sure to get some better pics when I have that working.   Anyway, it's a fantastic jacket, and I love it to bits already. Thanks to...
CPODonnell, what's the bets on us being the only two Irish TOJ customers?
When I was first thinking about ordering an A-2, I was slightly disappointed to learn that they weren't offering the 3/4 placket anymore. Since then, the half placket has grown on me and now that I have my jacket I think the half placket really works. It has this kind of balancing relationship with the suede patch that the 3/4 placket didn't, imo.
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