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When did you order?
Waiting for a women's BCDR here, no e-mail (ordered 22nd July). Might be the MA-1 so!
I thiiiink Synthese ordered an A-2 for his girlfriend. Could be wrong. Would love to see how it looks!
At least a size too big.
My girlfriend's in week 23 for a women's QBCDR, no tracking yet.Anyone know whether men's and women's jackets of the same style would be made in the same batch?
If he's in Spain he'll be fine (I've been wearing my A-2 every day here), but yeah, anywhere farther north and it wouldn't be enough.
dishy, the jeans look like they're disappearing up your arse. I'd wear them a little lower. Otherwise very nice.
Nope, Plaza del Ayuntamiento in Valencia (Spain).
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