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Waiting for a women's BCDR here, no e-mail (ordered 22nd July). Might be the MA-1 so!
I thiiiink Synthese ordered an A-2 for his girlfriend. Could be wrong. Would love to see how it looks!
At least a size too big.
My girlfriend's in week 23 for a women's QBCDR, no tracking yet.Anyone know whether men's and women's jackets of the same style would be made in the same batch?
If he's in Spain he'll be fine (I've been wearing my A-2 every day here), but yeah, anywhere farther north and it wouldn't be enough.
dishy, the jeans look like they're disappearing up your arse. I'd wear them a little lower. Otherwise very nice.
Nope, Plaza del Ayuntamiento in Valencia (Spain).
It's thisĀ one from Bellfield. Got it a good bit cheaper on asos though.
We've only been here since September so I've yet to experience Fallas but 'surreal' is essentially what I've been hearing from everybody!
New Posts  All Forums: