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Ah yeah
Wow, what did you order?
People who've got tracking in this batch and haven't mentioned when you ordered: could you post your order date?
 Which models and leathers did you go for?
 Hopefully! But that is what I thought about the last batch they shipped... My girlfriend's on week 45 for a women's BCDR.
What are you waiting for again?
 Hmm yeah, I had presumed it was just a design detail that Drew changed his mind on, but it's definitely possible that it ended up on the sample by accident. Good point about the MMM stuff too... 
Did Drew ever mention why the DR 2010 cuffs changed? They weren't completely smooth-ended on the sample.    
People who've had a lamb jacket for a couple of years or more: are you still able to stand your collar up at the back?   I'm ordering a black 2010 DR but I'm trying to make a mental list of pros and cons for lamb and calf.
Placket.   Balances the suede patch, and you'll be running your fingers over the beefy quilted bits all the time.  
New Posts  All Forums: