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I think the veininess looks amazing on your MA-1.
I'm Irish, living in Spain.
I had the collar on all through the winter and then off since late February-ish. It's been said before but it is almost like having two jackets in one. I went for a fit that was a bit roomier than Charly's suggestions, especially in the upper arm. Wouldn't change a thing! Some fit pics here: [[SPOILER]]
A few A-2 detail pics. About six months of wear.   The details are the things that give you endless satisfaction: the colour of the lining, the beefiness of the zip and the thickness of the suede patch. The pocket flaps are so thick and soft too, it takes me an extra second to get something out of the pockets because I have to stop and fondle them first.       
I think the oxblood looks better with a full collar rather than a band collar. Just my opinion though. For reference:   
Thanks guys! I have a black lamb DR 2010 in the pipeline so hopefully that will turn out as good as the bomber did.   So there's going to be another shipment this week?
Living in Spain (for the moment) so I haven't been able to wear it in a couple of months, but it's getting along nicely. Here are a few photos from the last couple of weeks it was chilly enough to throw it on. Might put up some close-ups tomorrow. Glad you liked the fit on it btw, I'm still so happy with the way it came out :)    
Looks great!
Ah yeah
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