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TOJ in Rome... Works well as armour, as we know
As in drunk?
  The DR 2010 that arrived a couple of weeks ago. More fit pics soon (and more thoughts) but for the moment suffice to say it's gorgeous.   Bonus shot if anyone wants to see an Irish landscape.
I've got a parka (not TOJ) with two-way zips and it's great for a big coat like that, but I much prefer the one-ways on leathers like these.
I was always under the impression that the two-ways had been discontinued a long time ago. Was there a post by Drew at some point announcing their return?   Anyway I've got exactly what I thought I was ordering...
DR 2010, black lamb, gunmetal zips and hardware.
I got a jacket today and the value was marked as $30 😃 Fit pics to come soon! This thing is spectacular. I know it sounds ridiculous but having it in my hands now it was so worth the wait (the original order was sometime in July 2013 and I bought the spot about a year ago). That's not to excuse the many unacceptable aspects of TOJ's carry-on, but that's how it feels.
If you check the tracking with the postal service of the country the package has actually arrived in, it should show up. If I check my tracking on the Korean site, the latest update is still Incheon airport. But if I check it with An Post (the Irish service), I can see it's only a short drive from my flat. 
Just got tracking! Black lamb DR 2010, ordered around July 2013 (I bought the spot off someone so I'm not sure of the exact date). Thank fuck!
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