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Is this the made in england or the imported one?
Pinstripe SC with a striped shirt is a no no.  But it could have been even worse if it was a buttondown striped shirt.   Happy new year everyone
  PS Porn
Price for the burberry SC?  
All of these are fantastic! Measurements?
Wanted the first one but 16.5 is gone...  
Great - I'm also in the market for a few $300 bespoke suits.    I would love to hear more opinions from users with postcount of less than 10 of how fantastic they are.   Not.
Started reading this thread and went up to page 5.  My 2c:   White looks absolutely gorgeous when you have a tan.  You all complain because I suspect you probably are waspy fair skinned Americans.  Nothing wrong with that, but white isn't for fair skinned people, and this applies to either men or women.  For us mediterannean guys that isn't an issue.  But not everything works for everybody and yes, I also love a very specific shade of light blue shirt but I also have a...
Nice but too big for me...
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