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 Its a swiss bank promo gift.  I've had it for 10 years and its as good as new...
The problem with these is that they are slim until you load them with credit cards.  Plus, you always end up carrying cards you don't need. Because you check what cash you have daily (before leaving home etc), with the money clip you always carry the absolutely necessary. Just my 2p of course.
I stopped using wallets years ago.  A money clip holds 2 credit cards, 3-4 of my business cards (although I have a few in all of my jackets / suits) and enough cash to make the day.    More than enough.  
For the fit you want, you need to use some sort of collaring agent when ironing. Mostly on the from part of the shirt but particularly on the top "triangle" among the collar and the top two buttons.    In Europe, I have been using a spray called Merito; surely there must be something similar in US.  
Is this the made in england or the imported one?
Pinstripe SC with a striped shirt is a no no.  But it could have been even worse if it was a buttondown striped shirt.   Happy new year everyone
  PS Porn
Price for the burberry SC?  
All of these are fantastic! Measurements?
Wanted the first one but 16.5 is gone...  
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