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Adderall always slows everything down with a sense of purpose giving me control over my task; making me more chill and focused( clears up my brain removing the fog and static)    I agree with you that some people believe they have ADHD , but they have an iphone,ipad and music on while trying to study. That will cause anyone to think they have ADHD. 
Hello, i been reading SF for about a year now and i finally made an account a couple of months ago. I don't know anything about fashion and it all started because i had no sense of style and became single as well(that was a blessing ). I am trying to find my style , don't have much to contribute in that aspect. Only things that i can contribute on are motorbikes , worked in a shop since i was 18-25 and now at 27 trying to finish school but it's hard (I'm the old dude). 
I'm just some guy who knows to much about technology,motorcycles and cars. I live 10 minutes away from Laguna seca race track and that's it. I been single for a couple of months so I need style advice, searched other forms but this one seems best.
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