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Still Available?   Not mine but here's what you're looking for.
Been making the rounds on various places today, finally took some pictures of my N&F Dirty Fades after about 4 months of daily wear and I figured I would share them with all the various denim forums since there don't seem to be pictures of these things from anyone else. Here are 8 pics of the jeans, I'll drop the link to the Imgur albun if you feel like using that instead. I'll try to get some fit pics as soon as I can.   
4 months or so of daily wear on my dirty fades, finally starting to get some whiskering and fades at the knees. Kind of a tough first step into raw denim for me.
I've been wearing my pair as a daily use for a solid 4 months and fades are just starting to come in, it feels like I had to work through an initial layer of indigo to get them to start fading because they are coming in pretty quickly now. I'll post pics in a few weeks.
I've been wearing my dirty fades every day for about 2 and a half months now and they're just starting to fade. I plan to wash around february and if i start noticing some nice fades I'll post pics. 
That was really why I was asking, didn't know if anyone had a rough idea on how much the denim stretches too so I could guess what size to get the brushed herringbones in.
When did people start using my cities name like that...
If I wear a 28 in dirty fades weird guys would I be the same size for some brushed herringbones? I'm considering picking up some pants that aren't denim.
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