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What do you think of these babies? http://cgi.ebay.com/quintessentially...QQcmdZViewItem More like 3-tone than 2-tone, I think.
Don't get within 10 ft. of dress shoes with any kind of silicone spray or rub-on substance or with mink oil. Waterproofing dress shoes with these substances is absolutely unnecessary, and will cause you grief wrt polishing, as well as, in some cases, darkening the leather. All that's needed to keep dress-shoe leather proof against the elements is a good application of shoe polish (not cream, which has a purpose, but it's not protection against water) that has (usually...
Wow, another beauty. These are great deals. Martegani is very good quality.
Jeez, Ron, very nice. I'm tempted. Blake/Rapid construction, I assume.
http://cgi.ebay.com/RALPH-LAUREN-PUR...QQcmdZViewItem Should be 9.5D US, but check with seller to be sure.
I just picked up a really nice navy/burgundy paisley tie by Piattelli. It's the first I've owned, and I'm impressed with its quality. The silk is really vibrant, the construction is very good, and it has a fair heft to it. Anyone else bought any Piattelli ties?
Quote: Originally Posted by bachbeet I'm considering a pair of C&J Radstock shoes. I find them to be really attractive and PLAL's prices are amazing (I had to convert from Malaysian currency to really understand this). For example, Ben Silver charges around $655, but PLAL is less than 1/2 that. I'd like to know if others here recommend the Radstock. I am consistently a size 11 (D or M in some types of shoes). I figure I'd take a 10 E in UK sizes. If...
Why not take it that extra mile and add: "Jeez, you said you liked it when I got it. Don't you remember? Sheesh."
Quote: Originally Posted by nmoraitis Ok, thanks all for your assistance! Actually, it has just occured to me that I am going to Japan in a few days and was wondering if any stores carry Vass there? Does anyone know for sure? If not, than I will have a hard time in decided between the advice given by Roger and gdl203! Well, I'm not sure there's an inconsistency now that I read gdl203's post again. I do have a narrow foot, and so gdl203's...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Roger seems to have a completely different sizing experience though... Yeah, gdl, and I've noticed a variety of different experiences forumers have had with the fit of Vass shoes, particularly those on the U-last. I'm a pretty true 9.5B US. My EGs are 9/9.5 Cs. I now have three pairs of Vass U-last shoes--the one pair of balmorals, the Oxford Medallions mentioned, and two pairs of bluchers, the 3-eyelet...
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