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Very nice belts, Jonathan. I think you have some winners here! Are the colors in your pics true to life?
I love this color and have several dress shirts in it. I generally match my tie color (roughly) to the color of the jacket I'm wearing. For example, I have an aqua sports jacket (with a similar orange-tan window-pane) that looks good with this color shirt and darker aqua ties, and either a darker orangey pocket square or a darker aqua one. In general, this color seems to go pretty well with various shades of blue (perhaps because it is opposite on the color spectrum). ...
I have it, purchasing it on sale, exactly as described by jjl5000. It is nothing more (or less) than the Chelsea without a toe cap. The sale shoes were on the 888 last, which was fine, but I think that your instincts about the 82 last are right--if I'd ordered it MTO, I'd have got the 82. This is a formal dress shoe, and, to my mind, the square-toe form is less elegant in the more formal context than the smart round 82 last.
I have the pants press, but find the fabric freshener interesting. I went to the Amazon website, but am not completely clear about what it does. Do you find that you don't need to wash your shirts quite as often when using this?
Very very nice. And just a helluva deal at $275. Wear them in good health.
Here's my take on belts and buckles for what it's worth. The nicest buckles are either sterling silver or gold. You can purchase a nice sterling silver buckle for something on the order of $150 or so. Solid gold will, of course, cost many times that. A thick gold plating on a base metal or over sterling (giving you vermeil) would be pretty nice too. If these are too expensive (and they are for most of us), nicely-finished silver- or gold-tone will do. I get all my...
Quote: Originally Posted by suited This is probably my favorite that I have... I hope that "G" is your initial, and not merely to advertise Gucci!
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I like this ashtray: Gawd...you could probably sell it and retire (I'm assuming from your earlier posts that it's solid gold!).
I know this is straying somewhat from the OP, but here's a look I quite like--the mixing of gold and silver. In this case, the bezel is solid 18K gold. I think that the combination produces an attractive effect and makes the watch wearable with either gold or silver jewelry, belt buckles, etc. What do you all think?
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Roger, In my initial post, I was mostly referring to any kind of imitative gold from gold-washes to vermeils to the heavy plating that Omega used to do. I think aside from the visual appearance, it is also a psychological thing. However, I don't think real gold can really be replicated in terms of hue or feel. It has a nice smooth feel to it especially if it's a well-made item. Interestingly, back in the...
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