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For any work on a leather jacket, I would seek out someone with more specialized training than a "leather-repairer." In Vancouver, we have a fully-trained leather tailor, to whom I've taken several jackets for sleeve-shortening, shoulder-width reduction, etc. The work has been professionally-done. I would never take a leather jacket or coat of any value to a shoe-repair person, just because s/he works with leather.
Fascinating, Allen! You're absolutely right about the women in Montreal--undoubtedly the New World's version of Parisian style. And the men may be disappointing in comparison. But if you were to do a similar project in Vancouver, your disappointment would be raised to the power 10, and wouldn't be in the men in basic blue suits, but in the men in gawd-awful unpolished, rubber-soled clunker shoes, sports jackets and open collars (where suits would be appropriate), and,...
I ordered the cognac lizard belt a number of months ago. There are some custom possibilities, and I had mine cut to the exact length I wanted and fitted with snap fasteners (instead of being stitched) so that buckle exchange (two are provided) would be...well...a snap! Turnaround time was very short--maybe 2 or 3 days at their end before shipping. I'm very happy with mine.
I seem to have written this many times, but why not once again?!! Lexol will darken leather; it acknowledges this right on the bottle. So I stay away from it; YMMV. Creme Nubiana (new brand name for Creme Alpina) is the best I've found (and I tried many before stumbling on it). It can be had from Franco's via an online purchase.
Quote: Originally Posted by 0b5cur1ty I'm so pleased someone mentioned high-end quartz here and I second everything you wrote in your post. You also just reminded me how great the Chronomaster looks on a strap instead of the bracelet. While I still love my mechnicals, they have seen really very little wrist-time since my first HEQ arrived: High-frequency 196kHz quartz movement with perpetual calendar, 8 year battery and end-of-life indicator;...
Quote: Originally Posted by johnnyblazini I tend to agree with this, too bad no-one makes nice looking Quartz watches... Oh, good lord! There's a whole world out there of absolutely beautiful-looking quartz watches: the Citizen Chronomaster (see pic below), the Grand Seikos, The Seiko Credor quartzes, the Citizen Campanolas.... This watch can be had with solid 18K gold case, as can the Grand Seikos, and Seiko Credors are so...
Adding Topy sole covers (and possibly heel-lift replacements) would be one option if greater slip- and wear-resistance are desired.
I like the 202 last. I have two pairs on it (Berkeleys and Dovers), and, although the 202 is not the sleekest of the EG lasts, these shoes feel better on my feet than other EGs I have on the 888, 89, and 606 lasts. I think that, for me, with narrow feet (EG B/C-fitting), my EGs on the 202 last look sleeker than similar shoes in a wider fitting would look. I too am beginning to put comfort ahead of appearance and foresee more 202-last purchases!
Quote: Originally Posted by Flieger Dear Roger, It is the horological equivalent of a child predator stroking himself in public.. Dear Flieger, Get back on your meds....
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