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One pair of John Lobb Chapel double monkstrap shoes, size 8.5E (UK), which translates to about 9.5D in the North American metric. Lobb 8000 last. Dark Brown. Brand new; never worn, except to try on. free image uploader
Quote: Originally Posted by videocrew Tons of non-welted shoes have stitching on the sole. Weejuns, almost everything Cole Haan makes, etc. Of course, like any Blake-stitched shoe, for example. However, xm80 conjectured that the soles were cemented.
Quote: Originally Posted by xm80 I work for a welted firm based in Northampton....in my opinion they are not welted. They are more than likely cemented with a "rand" which is stuck to the edge of the sole. Hope this helps What about the stitching that is evident on the sole?
Just great stuff, Allen--the kind of thread that adds something of true substance to this forum. It's really interesting to hear that a Canadian company is producing for Allen-Edmonds. For years it was Crookhorn, and then another US company. Your Street Views feature in the Montreal Gazette is a delightful read. I've always thought that Montrealers--particularly the women--dress so very well, and so much better than Vancouverites. Your feature confirms this. Is the...
Quote: Originally Posted by SirSuturesALot How are these not sold yet? Uncertaintly about the size and its US equivalent.
Quote: Originally Posted by wetnose In the second picture it doesn't appear welted. But the third picture says otherwise...as I can see the channel outlining the sole. Ask for more pictures. If by that you mean the line of stitching, this wouldn't guarantee a welt, just a stitched-on sole. From the distance in from the edge that the stitching appears, they could be Blake stitched. However, my guess is that they are reverse-welted.
They appear to be reverse welted--i.e., having a "storm welt" (C&J) or "fudge welt" (EG). I've seen this occasionally simulated (without any welt), but here it appears to be the real thing. Who is the maker (I can't make out the label)? That would probably give us the answer.
Zegnamtl, another phenomenal photo essay! Many thanks. One question and one observation. Where is the factory located?...and...I found it interesting to see the way that they seem to have joined the pieces of the shell cordovan belt--with the little piece of trim. It's nigh on impossible to make a belt of regular length from a single piece of shell cordovan, and two pieces (usually; but it could be more) have to be joined. On my Brooks Bros. shell cordovan belt, the...
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats What is the condition on the onslows? have you worn them more after your year-old post? At most once. They're in almost 'as-new' condition.
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