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SOLD Price reduction: $800 -> $750-> $700. Pair of brand-new John Lobb Vintage 2005 model in size 8 1/2E (UK) or 9 1/2D in the US system. Parisian Brown Museum Calf; 7000 last. Come with JL shoe trees. (Note: Because of my poor photographic skills, the last picture seems to suggest that one shoe is darker than the other. This is not the case--just the lighting, I guess.) Shipping costs will be added once they have been determined for the destination. Buyer can...
Why C width? Because I have slightly narrow feet. Hard to explain just how narrow that is, but it is one step narrower than D, which is the average, or medium, width. Hope this helps.
SOLD Price reduction: $650 -> $550. Gaziano & Girling Astaire; 9C (UK) which, according to G&G converts to size 9.5 in the US system. This seems to be correct as I have size 9.5 feet, and the shoes fit. They are in the UK C width, which is somewhat narrow, or a US B width. I can't remember ever wearing them after they were purchased, but the soles do seem to be minimally scuffed, so I must have worn them once. G&G shoe trees included. Shipping costs to be determined...
Further Price Reduction: $550. John Lobb Chapel Double Monk shoes; size 8.5E (UK) or 9.5D in North American sizing. Brand new, unworn (except for trying on). Dark brown, Lobb 8000 last. Aftermarket shoe trees included if desired. Shipping charges added once they have been determined for the destination. screen shot upload pictures free image hosting site no sign up
Shipping will be extra and will be calculated for a specific location.
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One pair of John Lobb Chapel double monkstrap shoes, size 8.5E (UK), which translates to about 9.5D in the North American metric. Lobb 8000 last. Dark Brown. Brand new; never worn, except to try on. free image uploader
Quote: Originally Posted by videocrew Tons of non-welted shoes have stitching on the sole. Weejuns, almost everything Cole Haan makes, etc. Of course, like any Blake-stitched shoe, for example. However, xm80 conjectured that the soles were cemented.
Quote: Originally Posted by xm80 I work for a welted firm based in Northampton....in my opinion they are not welted. They are more than likely cemented with a "rand" which is stuck to the edge of the sole. Hope this helps What about the stitching that is evident on the sole?
Just great stuff, Allen--the kind of thread that adds something of true substance to this forum. It's really interesting to hear that a Canadian company is producing for Allen-Edmonds. For years it was Crookhorn, and then another US company. Your Street Views feature in the Montreal Gazette is a delightful read. I've always thought that Montrealers--particularly the women--dress so very well, and so much better than Vancouverites. Your feature confirms this. Is the...
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