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Two pairs of near-new Vass shoes, both designated Euro size 42--, which is to be interpreted, I believe, as 42.5, and which corresponds to 9.5D in US sizing. I am a 9.5, and these shoes fit. Both pairs have been worn very little--perhaps 4-5 times--and have been well cared-for, living on Vass lasted shoe trees from Day 1. 1. Italian Oxford Model with broguing, U-last. These shoes measure 11.75" in length along the bottom of the sole/heel and are 3.95" wide at the...
The London Model with Stitched Upper, shell cordovan. Color is Bordeaux, or Horween's shell cordovan No. 8 color. Size designated 42--, or 42.5 Euro. Worn very little--perhaps 5 times at the most and kept on Vass lasted shoe trees from Day 1. Shoes come with the Vass lasted shoe trees. Reduced Price: $495 => $375 shipped via Canada Post Expedited Parcel service anywhere in North America. Other destinations may cost a little extra.
SOLD. I'm revising this ad to read size 10D US. Edward Green Carnegie black plain toe oxfords. Marked 9/9 1/2E, so either a long 9 1/2D or, more likely, 10D in US sizing. But consider the outside dimensions: length along sole and heel: 11.95"; width at widest spot on sole: 3.90". On EG888 last. First quality and barely worn--not more than 4 times. Kept in EG shoe trees since Day 1. Edward Green shoe trees included. Price reduced: $425 --> $400 --> $375, insured and...
SOLD. Vass U-Last 3-Eyelet Derbys. European size 43, or a US size 9.5. Length along bottom from tip of the sole to back of the heel: just a hair over 12.0"; width of sole at widest point: 4.06". Barely worn, perhaps 2 or 3 times at most. Color: either brown or a darker Vass cognac shade (can't remember which) with antiquing added. Pictures 2, 3, and 4 depict the color and antiquing quite well. Price reduced: $400 --> $375, and includes Vass lasted shoe trees and...
The Weston Hunt Derby--one of the truly iconic men's shoes. The size written in the shoes (see picture) is 9 1/2D, which must translate into either a US 10D or even 10.5D. Length along sole: 12 3/8"; width at widest part of sole: 4 1/2"; insole: about 11 1/4". Handmade in France, with a massive triple sole, Norwegian welt, hand-stitched vamp with waxed linen thread, and steel toe insert. Color: medium brown. I added the Topy sole and Vibram heel just after purchase, as...
Oundles now sold. The remaining two--Newburys and Ashbys--$750 for them both.
Good idea, Tuscan. I'll put all three pairs in a package for $1100, shipping included as above.
Just a hair over 4.0".
SOLD. Edward Green Oundle Monk Shoes made for RLPL - 9/9 1/2D, about 9 1/2D in US system. On EG888 last. Barely worn, perhaps 2 or 3 times at most. EG Burnt Pine color. Edward Green shoe trees included. Price reduction: SOLD. shipped by Expedited Parcel (4-5 business days) to anywhere in NA. Shipping to other countries will add slightly to the cost and will be determined at the time of sale. These are first-line shoes--i.e., not seconds.
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