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  I printed up the sizing chart just as is and when I did the scaling check with the credit card it was off. I then reprinted at full size without "fit to print" and the "credit card test" matched up.   I pretty much measured almost exactly the same size as I do in Allen Edmonds. My width was just between a D and E, but I'd probably do an E.   In Allen Edmonds I am EEE. 
Going to Portland Dry GoodsSo really I shouldn't expect it to stretch much more than your average shoe?
Going to Portland Dry Goods
Does Chromexcel stretch a lot? In my standard shoes from Allen Edmonds I always wear EEE, but I was just reading in the Oak Street thread that most people just order the standard width in Chromexcel shoes and they mold to your foot. Is this true?   I'm heading up to Maine in a few weeks to try on and get some customs made. looking forward to it!
    That is what I was leaning towards - I'm just hoping that they can do it in royal blue. I really don't see why they couldnt though.
Gonna place a MTO soon...planning on ordering 2 pairs of shoes...what do you guys think?   1, Beefroll penny loafers (as is on the website) in navy   +   2a. 4 eyelit ranger moc. Royal Blue. Unsure yet if I want them lined. leather outsole + heel with rubber tap. brass eyelits. grey laces   or   2b. Read boat shoe. Royal blue. Unsure yet if I want them lined. leather outsole + heel with rubber tap. brass eyelits. grey laces.
Definitely wanting to pick up my first pair of Rancourts. I just really hate ordering something without trying it on first (when I can't return it). Thinking about trying to buy a pair from Brooks Brothers, but I have wide feet and I don't think they sell the wide...   Maybe I'll wait till I can take a drive to Maine and go to one of their events...
Just picked up the Filson 1 1/4 in. leather belt in black with stainless buckle - it is great! One of the best casual belts I have purchased. Highly recommended!
Hi everyone - first post here...   Just purchased my first pair of dress shoes "Allen Edmond's Pennyworth", which I love. I've pretty much worn casual loafers for the past 8 years (Tod's, Farrago, etc.) as I don't really need to dress up for work. Admittedly I haven't kept as good of care of my shoes as I should have. Anyway...looking to start now.   I've read through this thread trying to find what I need, but I've found it to be little too detailed for my...
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