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Those are great! Its hard to picture the leather without seeing it on a shoe first, but now I think I might have to consider the olive on my next shoe.
I'm not gonna lie - those royal blue boat shoes keep calling my name. I was thinking with an RLH sole and grey laces. Also loving those Color 8 boat shoes...   Anyone have a pair of their boat shoes?
    CXL on on both the beefroll and ranger moc. Both unlined. My first time with a CXL shoe.   Vibram sole on the ranger moc and Tempest sole on the beefroll   I'm a little nervous, just because I've never worn CXL   I actually ended up going up a 1/2 size from my AE size, but down two widths to "E" on account of the CXL
Ok- so with all this sizing discussion, id like to get your opinions. I was able to try on the rancourts before purchasing my MTO pair, but widths were not available. I found that the length of the 8 really fit me well in length on both the both the beef roll and ranger moc. The D was obviously way too tight. On a structured shoe like AE I have worn EEE width (but of course on some Italian companies I have gone with a D or just E), but I was advised just to go with an E...
Just placed 2 orders at Portland Dry Goods. Dustin was great. Super helpful.   4 eyelit ranger moc -CXL Green -Vibram christy wedge in white -Nickel plated eyelits -Grey laces   Beefroll  penny loafer -CXL Navy -Tempest sole in natural -White stiching   I found where my toe fit well in length. The D was really really tight on the sides, so I went up to an E - assuming that the E would likely be tight as well, but the CXL would stretch. Ordered...
  Yea, I think the one on the website is just a paper version of the brannock. I pretty much measured the same as the brannock when using the print out. I had someone helping me. It wasn't exact as a paper printout really can't replace a heavy duty device, but it really seemed close.
  That is pretty much what I figured.
  Sounds awesome!
  Thanks!   I'm actually going to Portland Dry Goods this weekend to get a pair of Ranger Mocs and Beefroll loafers MTO. Just trying to get an idea of what I want before I go in. I keep changing my mind, but I've got in narrowed down I think.
I've been trying to find it in past posts, but I can't seem to...   Does the "Tempest" refer to the rubber circles on the bottom of some of the shoes? So would you get the leather sole on the website with the tempest outsole?   Also...are there multiple shades of green available in CXL? I've been looking through the pictures and I've seen olive green, light green, dark green, etc.
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