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    If you call Allen Edmonds (or this may even be online) - they have a "cheat sheet" that lists every width/size and what size shoe tree goes with it. I have 2 pairs of AE shoes and both have AE shoe trees in them - I like them a lot.
Those are great! Enjoy! I believe they are the CXL green. That is the color I ordered for my Ranger Mocs
That really does look like a different color stitching...did you send them a picture of it?
Have you guys that have had issued tried calling them? They picked up whenever I called and were helpful... Anyway- I placed my order in person, so I don't think I'll be getting a tracking number. Id love if they came before Thanksgiving, but I don't really expect it. I ordered them Saturday Nov 3 .
How long has it taken for everyone's shoes to get delivered after purchase?
  Are yours chromexcel?
    Would love to see a pic!
    That makes sense. I think the Color 8 could look fantastic on a Rancourt Camp-Moc.
So the "Color 8" is kind of a burgundy-ish color?   Sorry if this is a stupid question, but why do they call it "color 8"?   I love how those boots look!
Just tried on the quoddy bluchers at jcrew. Was surprised I fit in an 8 right out of the box - they were unbelievably comfortable! I've been known to wear a EEE on occasion in a more structured shoe, and I got an 8E in Rancourt as the 8 was super tight. Can I assume id wear an 8 in all Quoddy? Is there a way to see their customization options? Do I just email them if I am.interested?
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