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    Good to know. Thanks!
    Did you design your boots via email or by phone? If by email, was the response time reasonable? Did they email you pictures of color, leather, sole, etc. options?
True to size is tough to measure. My brannock is between a 7.5 and 8 and between an E and EE. I have a few pairs of AEs in 7.5 EEE, but in Rancourt I went with An 8 E. 8 was super tight. Those boots are super nice looking! Enjoy! I agree with what everyone else said- the details are important. I asked for a 2nd pair of laces and they came with them. I've been debating my next pair. I actually get much more use out of casual shoes like the beefrolls, but their Italian...
    25% off jcrew...quoddy included. Last sale they weren't included in the discount. ends today
Great deal!
Update:   The slippage during my first time wearing the Ranger Mocs dissappeared during my 2nd wear. They feel extremely comfortable and have molded to my foot very quickly. I wore them yesterday from about 11 AM > 10 PM and I couldn't believe that they stayed comfortable all day! Even nice dress shoes like AE/Ferragamo start to hurt my feet when I wear them all day, but these felt great all day! Everyone loved them at thanksgiving taboot...   I've decided to put...
    Those are nice if I could get them onsale, They are great looking, but $500 seems like a lot - the Rancourt website has some really nice ones for $285. If you don't feel like waiting - Oak Street also has some real nice ones for a little over $300.
    Thanks! They picked up the two times I called and were very helpful - so i'll probably confirm that way.
What would be the email address for a custom order?     (frankcowperwood - those green mocs are great btw!)
Great! I'm gonna wear both pairs out a bunch and probably try and order another pair at the start of the year.
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