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    25% off jcrew...quoddy included. Last sale they weren't included in the discount. ends today
Update:   The slippage during my first time wearing the Ranger Mocs dissappeared during my 2nd wear. They feel extremely comfortable and have molded to my foot very quickly. I wore them yesterday from about 11 AM > 10 PM and I couldn't believe that they stayed comfortable all day! Even nice dress shoes like AE/Ferragamo start to hurt my feet when I wear them all day, but these felt great all day! Everyone loved them at thanksgiving taboot...   I've decided to put...
    Those are nice if I could get them onsale, They are great looking, but $500 seems like a lot - the Rancourt website has some really nice ones for $285. If you don't feel like waiting - Oak Street also has some real nice ones for a little over $300.
    Thanks! They picked up the two times I called and were very helpful - so i'll probably confirm that way.
What would be the email address for a custom order?     (frankcowperwood - those green mocs are great btw!)
Great! I'm gonna wear both pairs out a bunch and probably try and order another pair at the start of the year.
  Thanks for the info!   So, if I wanted to - I could request a pair of Ranger Mocs on the loafer last?
                First pair of Rancourts (have a 2nd pair - pics to follow in a few days). Green CXL. Nickel Eyelits. White vibram boot sole. White laces. They are unbelievably comfortable to walk in. Only problem is that there is just a tiny bit of heel slippage. I can tie them a little tighter though, so not really a big deal. No plans to wear them without socks. They really look great with jeans IMO. I have enough black and brown...
Rancourt uses Rochester shoe trees (which I have a bunch of). For my size 8.5 and 9s (in other brands) I have always bought a medium shoe tree.   Rancourt shoe trees are listed as: 6.5E > 8.5D - small 8EE > 10D - medium   My Rancourt size is 8E...I can't figure out the sizing - anyone have an idea?   Maybe I'll just go directly through Rochester - sizing is easier to figure out...
Those two tones and those boots are awesome!
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