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      Ah. I see. Still like the color a lot though. I know what you're saying - in that case I think they will look great. As far "too casual" - I wouldn't think so. I have my dress khakis (that i'd wear with a sport jacket) and more casual ones (in different colors that I might wear out to dinner or a party). I would absolutely wear them with my more casual khaki pants. Probably not with with dress khakis unless it was horrible weather outside and I had to be dressed up.
So you are considering the Ranger Moc sole or the Reltex hevea sole on the Blake Boot? The ranger moc sole would make it a little more casual than the hevea soles IMO, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. If I were deciding between the two - I would go with the hevea sole for a boot. I like the look of both options, but I think the hevea sole would make the boot more heavy duty. I personally want a boot that I'd be able to go it in when it's dirty outside, etc. I'd... the VAT is charged on my credit card with I intially make my purchase at the C&J store, then C&J gives me the forms that I fill out and drop off at the airport?   Is there another tax that I have to pay at time of purchase that does not get refunded? Are there other chargers associated with making a large purchase and bringing it back to the USA?   Thanks for the help! 
Thanks! Did I read on the C&J website that they refund you the VAT tax when purchasing at the London store, or did I misread that? Is the vat tax paid when you leave the country?I've been to Europe before, but never really bought anything of large value, however this is a special trip.So if I bought in person in london and didn't pay shipping - if be looking at about $480 a pair?Thanks for all the help guys!!
$100 more I'm assuming?
    That is the plan! I'm going to try and have an idea of where I want to go before hand so I dont totally annoy my fiance
Will be visiting London (from Boston) and was planning to purchase a pair of Crockett & Jones shoes. I know I can buy them in New York (or Barneys in Boston), but I'd like to get the full experience and buy in London....   My question: Is there a difference between each store? I see are on their website that 92 Jermyn St. is the flagship (so I am assuming they have the largest stock)...but is there anything different about the other 4 stores in London that would make...
    Good to know. Thanks!
    Did you design your boots via email or by phone? If by email, was the response time reasonable? Did they email you pictures of color, leather, sole, etc. options?
True to size is tough to measure. My brannock is between a 7.5 and 8 and between an E and EE. I have a few pairs of AEs in 7.5 EEE, but in Rancourt I went with An 8 E. 8 was super tight. Those boots are super nice looking! Enjoy! I agree with what everyone else said- the details are important. I asked for a 2nd pair of laces and they came with them. I've been debating my next pair. I actually get much more use out of casual shoes like the beefrolls, but their Italian...
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