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Will suede stretch the same way as chromexcel leather? I purchased a pair of suede Quoddy boat shoes online in size 8.5...I fit perfectly in a size 8 in the bluchers, but I found the 8.5 boat shoes in suede on a really good sale, so I figured i'd try them out (I can return them if need be). I can't decide if I should keep them. The sole is very comfortable and I have plenty of room for my toes, but the top of my foot and sides of my feet are very very snug. Can I expect...
Can they add a lining after the shoe has already been built and worn a few times?
    Taken in 4 inches? Seems like they would get butchered. And wont the legs look baggy?
Sorry -- looking to spend a $1000 or less...   Thanks for the suggestions! Brooks Brothers seems to have some nices ones...the others look good too
Searched the forum, but can't seem to find an answer...   First off - I meed a tuxedo for my wedding in October 2013. I wasn't planning on buying one this far in advance, but a few months back I found the one that fit me perfectly (at the time) so I bought it, thinking that I could get it taken it a bit if need be...   I've always been between a 34 and 36 waist, but my jacket is usually a 44. As you can obivously tell - this makes for an almost impossible off the...
Great! Thanks for the help guys. Your comments make me hopeful to find a pair of C & J!
Sorry to add another sizing question...   I have weird feet. I usually wear a wide in USA made shoes. For laced shoes (when the length is perfect) I need wide for the toe area, but then a lot of times they kinda bow out at the sides of my feet, which is usually solved by lacing up tighter. Wide in loafers usually fit me pretty well.   My first foray into English shoes - will I be able to fit in C&J? I sure hope so, because I love how they look! Is it a situation...
There is a cobbler down the street from my office. maybe i'll stop there at lunch for some tongue pads. thanks!
I still have a small amount of slippage on my left shoe on the Ranger Mocs. Maybe it is because I got them on Vibram Cristy Wedge. I initially tried on an 8 in the Ranger Mocs with the moc sole and they felt really tight, so I went with 8e, and they are a tiny bit loose. The 8e on the beefroll loafers felt perfect. Weird.   I dont think it would bother me so much, except for the fact that I felt like I did everything right in terms of picking out my proper size. If...
    That sounds really cool actually! A pair of Venetians on the hevea sole!? Those royal blue venetians like 40 pages back on the lighter hevea sole...   My issue with Rancourt is there are just sooo many options! LOL! Makes me crazy
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