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  Are they really that inexpensive? There is a place near me that does the duplicating thing, but I never bothered to ask prices because I always figured it would be a fortune. I'd ideally like to go in with a Theory shirt and ask them to do a french cuff in the same measurments
Cant criticize the pants. I found a pair of khakis that me perfectly (and were fairly inexpensive). I started out with standard colors and now I am up to 6 pairs of the same pants in different colors. When you already have grey, brown, navy, olive, etc - moving on to royal blue and "salmon" isnt so crazy.
    Agreed. Why is it so absurd that you could wear different sizes in different models? If nothing else, the fit between a loafer and laceup is totally different. Even among the same last - 5th and Park Ave fit me perfect in the 7.5EEE but I am stepping out of the Kenilworth in the same size. Its not my imagination.
    I wish the BB slim (or extra slim) fit me, but those were even too baggy. I was lucky and got 2 shirts at Pink onsale for $75 each (regular $180) in french cuff. Honestly, I wouldve bought more, but I waited too long and they ran out of my size.   I want to try TM Lewin and Hilditch & Key, but I just hate the idea of needing to return overseas if the dont fit (and I've never tried them before). Pink is easy because they have 3 stores in Boston, so I can just return to...
    I would try to exchange if possible. I was always told that if you are on the line, go for the smaller size.
Does anyone know if any AE stores still carry the "Catskill" model? I saw them listed on Lands End and I really like how they look, but I usually take a wide and they only have standard sizes.
    I had the Kenilworth (on the 5 last) and they were bowing terribly. I took it back to the store and it turns out I was sold the wrong size. The more experienced salesperson told me I needed to go down half a size (but keep the same width).   Is it possible that those who have bowing have the wrong width/size? Once I got my correct size the bowing went away. One of the things about AE which is good (but at the same time - more complicated) is that a shoe like the Park...
  True. If you were going to spend $250 - $300 for a shirt. I got 2 shirts from Pink for $79 each on sale. I'm sure MTM would fit me a little better, but the Pink shirts are near perfect for much less in cost.
I buy the AE shoe trees when I purchase a pair of shoes from there. I know it might not mean that much in theory, but I like that I can go by their size chart on the back. Plus I really like the shape of the AE branded trees more than some others I have used.
    Yea, I see what you're saying. I mean, walk through any upscale department store and I see a lot of stuff that I can't imagine anyone ever purchasing, but they probably wouldnt be sitting in the store if there wasnt someone out there with interest
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