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Is the thread coming loose normal? Should I be concerned?
oh.. any way to fix or prevent this?
So the dark spot dissappeared but it left a dry crusty mark almost like calcium build up and made the leather lighter. I put a little bit of conditioner on the spot to see what would happen and nothing really.What is going on? Am I being to picky or what? I know they are just boots.. but I've only had them for a few weeks.
I did clean and brush before I conditioned. I used bickmores bick 4.. it was all my local shoe place had. Anyway.. it disappeared.. so I think you are right.
Any idea what's going on here?? I've worn these boots a week now. A little raised bump in the shape of a horse shoe appeared in the crease. Didnt think much of it at the time. I put some leather conditioner on the shoes last night.. since I didn't do it till then. Today as I was walking I noticed a darker spot started to appear where the bump was.. then as the day progressed it got bigger and bigger. It's dry to the touch.. and I've not gotten anything on these shoes...
That's good to hear! Just bought a pair from him. Really good price and I got them 2 days after I bought them!
Just got some 1000 miles in rust... and man do they look exceptional! Took 'em out for a spin tonight and was surprised how comfortable they are out of the box! I know this has probably been asked thousands of times.. but is there anything I need to do to this boot other than condition it? I live in Nebraska so it snows and rains quite a bit.. but it's not like I jump in snow piles or puddles all the time. Basically I encourage the worn rugged boot look.. but I also...
They seem a bit bulky too... but that is in fact what I bought!!
I think they are the best looking boots as well. They don't seem to be as clunky as the iron rangers or any other cap toe boot in that style. I wish I could find a boot that's very similar to it.. but all can find via the Internet so far seems too big and clunky. I'd say 3 years is really good for not taking care of them and wearing them all the time!
I'm a 9!! Daaang!! Other than being made outside of USA is it still a quality boot?
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