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Hi I finally found a nice selection of Buttero shoes based in the UK..   Check it out here most styles are on SALE!!!
I know its a bit early but I'm starting to think about SS13.. Any thoughts on what colors we can expect??? Whats the story for next season..
Personally I was not impressed with my recent LL bean purchase I bought a pair of the classic duck boots with shearling..they felt kind of cheapie..not like some of the vintage ones..Somethings changed and I cant quite put a finger on it..Maybe its the fact  they don't manufacture all their boots in US anymore..
looks like elephant ear to me.. nice rich grain unique to the ear of an elephant..  
Anybody know where I can find Russell Moccasin in the UK.. If I order from the states it will take 20 weeks.. any help on this would be great.. Thanks
Im looking for a nice wool peacoat with a lining...Something that will last a lifetime.. Any ideas??
Trying to figure out  how much customs would  be on a 350 GBP pair of boots being shipped from the UK to US.. Also If the shoes are made IN the USA would I still have to pay customs??   Any help on this would be great   Thanks
Hudson quality is pretty good however not nearly as good as some of the American or British made boots, I think Hudsons are made in Portugal..
yeah who?
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