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If I'm not wrong, Stóffa only do single-fittings (when you receive the garment). But I concur! Wear the garments and see how the first profile feels and wears in. If there is a certain area you would like changing, do it with the next order. I think the idea isn't to achieve a 'perfect fit' but to reach a stage where changing the measurements won't matter any more. I would also suggest following their advice if you're not sure: they test their products for 1-2 years before...
 I can say for sure they only do in-person measurements--as their MTM customer for 1 year now. One reason for this is so you can have a proper discussion/conversation with them and tell them how you would like to wear it and how it would fit your lifestyle. Their approach is different-- a much more personal one, making sure you get what you need. I have heard stories where they have refused orders from customers simply because they were excessive for a first order. And if...
A pair of blue common projects in size 42 for sale. I've used them only once.   No marks on the leather at all except minor creases at the toes.   Looking to get them sold for $200 + $20 shipped anywhere in the world.
I've got a brand spanking new pair of Meermin Double Monks in Cognac Shell. Got them from a GMTO for $400. These are in the Hiro last in size 8.5. They come with leather soles.   There is a real nice dimension to the colour; unfortunately they aren't suitable for me.   Looking to get $350 shipped for these.   We can also work out a deal if you happen to want to purchase other stuff I've got listed.
I've got yet another pair of shells to let go. This a pair of well worn and used but beautiful and very elegant Carmina Alt Wiens in the Forest last; size 8.5UK. They come with shoe trees and shoe bags but no shoe box.   I've attached pictures of all the slightly distinct marks/nicks on the shoes which I will attempt to get rid off when I give the shoes a good cleaning before sending them off to you.   I got them for $895 from Epaulet and as they've been used quite a...
This is sold. Pending payment from an SF member.
This is sold. Payment's been received.
This is sold for now! Pending funds from a SF Member.
Up for sale is a pair of lightly used (no more than 7 times) Alden Burgundy shell chukka boots in 8.5D Barrie in a Commando sole. I got these from Unionmade at USD 720.   No marks to report but the usual creases and rolls seen on shell leather. These will come with their shoe bags and shoe trees but without a shoe box.   Shipping will be from the UK. Priced at USD 400 (by paypal), I am also willing to ship anywhere in the world with free shipping.
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