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Hi gents, what's the consensus regarding sizing for loafers on the Van last and slip ons on the Aberdeen last? I've got difficult to size feet - usually an 8.5D in Barrie but with a slightly tight front; 8E (wide) Barrie was too short; 8.5D (Trubalance) fit perfectly.   However, my problem is I've got flat feet and fairly narrow heels which make my heels slip out on loafers. I have had some luck with Gaziano and Girling loafers in UK8 and almost no slippage but no such...
Fellas, I need some sizing advice for those of you with Aldens/Carmina/C&J   I'm an 8.5E in Alden Barrie, UK8 in G&G, UK8 in Carmina Soller, in between a UK8 and UK8.5 in Carmina Forest, and a UK8 in Crockett Jones.   Can any one suggest a size for both of the GMTO make ups?     Thank you :)
Need some advice.. What do you guys think sand tan lamb goes best with? I was thinking of a moto 4-zip or DR2010. Can't really visualise the colour though...
Mmm I have problems deciding these. Anybody want to chime in? QDR Black Calf vs. DR2010 Black Calf QDR Dark Blue Calf vs. MDR Dark Blue Calf... Problem is I'm not sure if the softness of the dark blue will affect how the QDR/MDR looks? I seem to prefer the heftiness of calf on these 2 designs. Anyone's got a similar dilemma or have suggestions?
Just an update for those who are concerned with Walt trousers' fit as I was before.   I'm a 31 rivet and got the 30 walt and fits me almost perfectly (although I may have something against the position of the seat but it's really negligible).
Anyone with a size 30 Walts can give me the rise measurements, please? I'm still having a hard time whether or not to get the Walts as I have a short torso and any rise that's substantially higher than the Rivets are going to make my body look really disproportionate. I have a pair of Slim fitting Incotex and I already find their rise to be quite high. It's difficult for returns for me as I'm living in the UK. So any help is really appreciated!
Thanks for the hep guys.   ANother question: Does anyone know why the rise is 12.5" for ALL the sizes? Is that an error or perhaps deliberate?
Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting the Walt trousers but I'm afraid there'll be too much room in the rise. Can anyone who wears a Size 31 in the Rivet chinos, tell me if they find the Walt in a size 29 or 30 with too much room?
Need some help guys: Sherwood BCDR with channel or double needle diamond quilt?
 I just might! It's really tempting but not sure if I can pull it off.. Anyone with a sherwood calf suede BCDR can help out? Would you recommend a double needle diamond quilt or a channel quilt on the sherwood BCDR? Also, has anyone seen a dark blue calfskin in any model at all? What's the shade like?
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