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Gentlemen,   Thanks for all your advise and the forum is extremely helpful in making a decision on the right type of suit for me. I'd appreciate some comments/advise based my analysis on the following;   The one thing that still gets me is that all information on the length of the 40r i.e. Lazio/Washington/Sienna are the same i.e. 30.7 and considering threads which state that the Washington is the longest, I would presume there is an error.   More importanty,...
  Yea thats probably what Im going to do. What confuses me is the statement that the Lazio is the shortest cut but it has the same measurements as the Washington and Siennna as far as the back lenght is concerned, which I presume dictates the overall length of the suit?
True, Im just not a fan of suts that are too long and it seems only the Lazio fits that description in the 40R, plus my waisteline wont fit a 38R so to sum in up, Im probably not suited for the suits available..."sigh"
Alright so I can actually buy 2 different sizes between the suit and pants?
Sorry but what do u mean by "size up" ? I'm not sure what the processes are in this regard.
Sorry but what do u mean by size up?
Well damn, I have one coming in that size..nice one!
Hey steffen, thanks for your reply, problem is my chest amd shoulders r wide....and my waist is circling around 33 so a 36R wouldnt fit I think, nice suit I was thinking of getting the same.
Hi everyone, I am just wondering if you could assist me in some expert advise on identifying the differences between the Washington cut and the Lazio suit cuts as the information provided is confusing. I'm 5'10, 150 lbs and of atheletic build and usually go for a 40R.   As I am looking for a shorter suit than the lenghty Washington cut but a slim fit hence my preference would be for the Lazio as its advertised as "a shorter cut. The problem is that the information...
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