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Bump! I also have Alden x Leathersoul Ultimate Indy Boots 9.5D Trubalanace Last on Commando Sole for $275
These are a few I had on my phone. Excuse the pictures, as I have no idea how to take pictures of shoes hahah
Whiskey vtips + pantherella + armoury denim today.
Will do when I get home. FWIW, these were shoes that were posted for sale on instagram. My wallet is a lot lighter than I'd like, but the possibility of coming across exotic shell again, was too good to pass up
The latest addition. Cigar shell cordovan Pitt boots. Was EXTREMELY lucky to snag these when Tom posted them on Instagram. slowly trying to move all of my calf Alden's so I can acquire more shell
Alden x leather soul cxl ultimate indys today. Went a little crazy with Reno when I first got them, so they're way darker than what they should be. Any suggestions on getting the old cxl color back?
Thanks for the kind words. That particular brush was the first one I bought. I bought the big alden one after and prefer the edoya, as the bristles are packed tighter and feel a lot more sturdy.
Finally got a chance to break these in :) #8 Barrie Vtips
Aloha from Hawaii guys! Doing a bit of spring cleaning, and getting ready for some new additions.    1.) George Cleverly Russian Calf / Shell Cordovan Saddle 9D UK   I bought these at LeatherSoul Hawaii last year on impulse, but after two wears, they just don't seem to fit   right. They've been sitting in my closet ever since. The Russian calf is beautiful, and as much as I wanted these to work, I'd rather have them on someone else's feet. Includes shoe trees, dust...
My small but growing collection.    Chocolate Suede Tassel Loafer, Alden x LS Ultimate Indy, Alden x LS Natty CXL LWB, Alden 965, Unlined Blue Suede Chukka, and #8 LHS   Started at the beginning of the year, and I have no idea how it got to this point haha. Doesn't help when Leathersoul is down the street from you as well either :)
New Posts  All Forums: