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Hi guys I recent purchases a pair of 403 alden Indus and have tried the sno seal technique but the sno seal doesn't seem to want to absorb even when heated with a hair dryer is this be caused the leather is full or not heating them enough? How much should snoseal should be left once the heating has taken place as the boots are really waxy like a whole coat of wax? Any help would be appreciated!
I can't decide between a pair of oxblood dr marten made in England boots or a a pair of alden indys. I appreciate they are quite different boots but I have borrowed it down to that. My main concerns with the aldens are the leather sole durability and if they will be as comfortable as dr martens. Any previous experience would be appreciated. The boots will mainly be worn for light hiking walking in the city a good 5/6 miles a day through all weathers. Worn with a selection...
I am new here sorry if this has been spoken about but I couldn't find anything about them what do people think about kickers shoes and boots. I picked up a pair pretty cheap and I have to say they are super comfy an I quite like the cartoony appearance. I bought them as a pair of winter beaters. Just wondering if you guys have any opinions or info about them such as construction etc! Thanks
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