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dormant poster / lurker back cause these are just outstanding     Guidi reverse cordovan      
Hey Drew, @impolyt_one     Been relatively quiet on SF for a while but I placed an order in Oct. 2013 for a diesel blue calf suede QBCDR size 52 with some small changes to shoulders and length. I sent an email with all the relevant details. Hopefully I can get an update on its status either here or through the email I sent. Thanks for taking time to do all these replies and status updates. You're understandably busy but all off us who have been waiting *very patiently*...
Patiently waiting ordered a blue suede calf BCDR in October for anybody curious. Hopefully I can rock it in time for the new year
Umit Benan or Balmain ?     Umit Benan       Balmain  
 I wish, I had ssense store credit from a previous order that arrived damaged. Price was $195 but I got it for $95 plus shipping
CDGH+ wool/mohair 5 button jacket     Arc'teryx Veilance facet glove  
I'm searching for a nice material hoodie with preferably a geometric cut ala brands like Rick Owens, BBS, Attachment etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
     Good to know thanks for the heads up. I'll assess it when its in my hands and worst case scenario is I return them. Haha yes I own belts but like einstine said above I think that option would look just as off as a badly altered waist.
    I definitely understand where you both are coming from. My waist fluctuates between 33.5-34.5 inches and the jeans measure about 36.5 in. Obviously I don't want to fuck them up but I talked to the guys at Archive and they are the ones who suggested this route. If you have a better way that you do it nahneun, i'm all ears. I just figured since they handle these brands constantly they are in the know.
Just bought these from Archive in SF. Should be here in a couple days        Devoa raw indigo twisted seam pants (sz.4 will have to tailor the waist as its about 3 inches over)               Kazuyuki Kumagai Attachment navy color block T-shirt (sz. 4)  
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