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Umit Benan or Balmain ?     Umit Benan       Balmain  
 I wish, I had ssense store credit from a previous order that arrived damaged. Price was $195 but I got it for $95 plus shipping
CDGH+ wool/mohair 5 button jacket     Arc'teryx Veilance facet glove  
I'm searching for a nice material hoodie with preferably a geometric cut ala brands like Rick Owens, BBS, Attachment etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
I believe the N+F are called dirty wash or something like that. Pretty good for what they are though they stretched out a ton from when I first bought them
Hmm interesting thread though I think many people have stated this in the official denim/jeans thread.    Anyways   Dior Homme x 3  Devoa x 1 Balmain x 2 Visvim x 1 Naked & Famous x 1   So a total of 8 pairs which will probably be enough for a long while as I need to focus on pants 
     Good to know thanks for the heads up. I'll assess it when its in my hands and worst case scenario is I return them. Haha yes I own belts but like einstine said above I think that option would look just as off as a badly altered waist.
    I definitely understand where you both are coming from. My waist fluctuates between 33.5-34.5 inches and the jeans measure about 36.5 in. Obviously I don't want to fuck them up but I talked to the guys at Archive and they are the ones who suggested this route. If you have a better way that you do it nahneun, i'm all ears. I just figured since they handle these brands constantly they are in the know.
Just bought these from Archive in SF. Should be here in a couple days        Devoa raw indigo twisted seam pants (sz.4 will have to tailor the waist as its about 3 inches over)               Kazuyuki Kumagai Attachment navy color block T-shirt (sz. 4)  
Just saw this forum guess I will add to the tire talk. I recently had to switch out the tires on my cls. Got 4 bridgestone potenza s04 pole position and they've been great. Came out to $874 at tirerack and $120 for install and alignment.
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