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I noticed that Hober offers 2 different white linen pocket squares, a Belgian, and a Carlo Riva model, the latter is a little bit more expensive than the other. Is there a noticeable difference between the two? And would someone recommend one over the other? Thanks in advance!
I have been interested in picking up a Caine Navy Hopsack for a while now, and was browsing through this thread and there was some mention of special ordering longer sizes.  Is it possible to get a 40L?  I really need a length of 31" for a proper fit... My only other concern is that most of my other sport coats (40L) have an 18" shoulder, and although they aren't a tight fit in the shoulder, I didn't know if I could work with the .5" of difference, as the other...
Ahh thank you for the link, just what I was looking for!
  Thanks for the advice, I probably should have been more specific about my build.  I am 6'4" 175lb and fairly thin, about a 40" chest.  Also, I have been in contact with David and he has been great, I just didn't want to bog him down with e-mails. He also told me to go a bit shorter on the grenadine, which I intend to do.
Hello, I am about to purchase 3 of David's ties and I just have a few questions, if someone wouldn't mind answering.  I will be buying 2 Grenadine ties; 1 Dark Navy and 1 Bitter Chocolate. However, I am still undecided as to whether I should get the Grenadine Fina or the Piccola Grenadine.  Does anyone have a suggestion, or wouldn't mind explaining why someone would pick one over the other?     Lastly, the reason I am buying from him, besides the great reputation, is...
Hmmm? I guess I am a little confused... I do work in air conditioned offices, and many times will be in industrial freezers for hours at a time, which tend to run about 30 degrees below zero, and these seem to be a nice balance after I tested them in the freezers.  Maybe I am missing something here...?
My order went through as well today.
Hello all!
Thank you sir! And yes, I have noticed that purchasing Aldens is an extremely slippery slope!  I couldn't help but buy the Alden for Jcrew captoe #8 with the 30% off and my gift card from last Christmas... But I couldn't be happier investing my money into a quality shoe that will last me a long time.  And none of this would have been possibly without the knowledge and advice from this thread.  
I have been wearing my 3 new pairs of VBC 120s for about a month now and I am completely blown away by the; look, quality, and comfort.  I was at first concerned buying the light wool because of the approaching winter, however I have found that they are more than suitable for cold weather and I will also be able to wear these in the summer.  Also, I would like to thank all of the contributors to this thread, because I never would have found these otherwise.  I have...
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