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Brooks brothers 1818. Go down to the store and try one on and find your size. This is a 1,000 dollar suit. Dont let that worry you. Go to ebay and search for them. I have picked up 3 suits for less than 100 dollars each you can also check the marketplace here. They are in great condition and are an amazing value. As for the haircut I would see what you can do naturally without the styling products that will look more conservitive. 
I picked up a brooks brothers golden fleece suit on ebay and was wondering if anyone could help with the age and anything else they might know     It has this logo.   It has an ACTWU tag as well so that puts it between 1976 and 1995 It is also a size 44ML which i read they don't make anymore but I am not sure when they stopped that.   Here is a picture of the interior of the suit jacket
I used to work with a guy who only wore black. I never saw him wear another color. We called him Johnny Cash. You can maybe to a few all black outfits, but if you start wearing it all the time people will think you are werd.
This is probably a loosing argument. But I think they key to this is convincing her the bridesmaids dont have to match. It wont look right if you have matching bridesmaid dresses and then mismatched groomsmen.         Also consider this above picture. It sould be hard to find one dress that fits all the different body styles well. The bridesmaids get to picl what they are comfortable with. For example the girl on the left has sleeves and most of the rest...
I am thinking about getting a Brooks Brothers 1818 madison suit on ebay or in the B&S. I haven't been able to get to a brooks brothers store. We have an outlet near here so I was able to try on one of their 346 suits. How the fit compare between the two?  I am going to try to make it to Philly this weekend so I can try one on in person but that may not happen.
No luck at the Lancaster PA outlet
Russell here. I found the site when searching for care info for my 1000 mile boots.I look forward to learning more about fine quality clothing.
I live close to one. I will swing by tonight and see what they have
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