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It should not be a problem as long as your ok with it.
I have not had this done but it should be doable by any tailor as long as you have the space on the cuff to do it.
Looks to me like it was supposed to be a 3 button but ended up as a 2.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien Chukka boots. Probably chestnut. +1
Charcoal seems to work well but you want th overcoat to coordinate with the suit somewhat to it really depends on what suit your wearing.
They both seem to fit fine to me, you could be an odd inbetween size or something. I would go with the 52 since it is more previalnt then the 54 and you can always have it let out some if need be.
Pants are a bit baggy, I have them taken in some and shorted a bit. The jacket seems to be fine but you might want to have the sides take in a bit as well.
They will probably go unnoticed with a jacket on so you should be good to go. I personaly like them, it says I am a man who dosen't waste time hiking up my pants on a constat basis. Aloowing more time for me to focus on my work.
Should be fine.
Pretty much, they're kind of useless in any other environment. Unless your a men in black like will smith or tommy jones.
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