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The sleeves are too long and it could also be taken in some on the sides.
They all fit rahter well except for the light grey the sleeves and jacket are too short. The other darker grey or they navy look rahter nice in my opinion.
I've always heard that the sequals are never as good as the originals and now I see why.
Well I would say white only because it goes with just about everything and not being able to see the pics I cannot honestly suggest anything else at the moment.
Pretty much hit and miss, there are a few good ones but the bad ones out weight them.
The shoulders do look a touch big especially on the left side but everything else seems to be fine.
Well I can't really tell the lenght without you having shoes on but the rest of it seems to be fine aside from needing a good pressing.
I would go with either the 3 1/4 or the 3 1/2 the others are just too narrow.
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