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I once wore navy socks with black shoes, but only once and in a time of fashion ingnorant youth.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum +1. Though I don't know where he got the idea that peak lapels shouldn't be worn by short and/or stocky people; I imagine in theory the peak will, if anything, be elongating and therefore best for those people. In reality it won't make the slightest difference either way. There is absolutely nothing wrong with notch lapels, they work just as well as peak or shawl in terms of formalwear and it really...
I have a fabric steamer so I only really have to have mine cleaned 30-4 times a year at the most.
I'd be more then happy to take some of them off your hands, given there in my size that is.
It's a nice suit, the sleeves are a bit sort but it seems to be well fitted to your body elsewhere.
Well I have a wonderfull fabric steamer back home so I only have to send my suits to the cleaners about 3 or 4 times a year tops.
Yes, they do this to keep the pockets shape while it hangs to be sold. Trust me it's a good thing that they do this. Anyways if you simply grab a knife or small pair of scissors and lightly pull aside the two segments you can snip off the tread and pull away from the suit.
The blazer or any jacket should come down on the rear or if you lay your hands to the side you want the tips of your hands to come close to touching the bottom of the coat.
The shirt needs to be pressed good, but the suits fits you just fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman All look a tad long. #2 is probably closest to best fit. No if anythng their too short but not so bad that you shouldn't wear them. The first is kind of bad since the jacket dosen't come near to touching the tips of your fingers but the rest are close enough to not worry about it too much.
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