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I have always said take a man of brad pitts stature in just a plin t-shirt and jeans and stand him next to a guy who kind of looks like steve bushimi in a nice tailored suit, and I will always go for the latter. For me I say the better dressed you are teh more appealing or attractive you will appear, at least to me anyways.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Seeing a lot of these in Manhattan these days, and have noticed several on the busines channels today. Ugh. Bad trend. Please kill. First of all it's not a trend the windsor knot has been around for years and worn by many for years. I for one applaud it since it derters away from teh mad men skinny tie fad which in my opinion is far worse. It is a classic and and very elegant way to wear ones tie and...
Never wear a buttondown collar with the buttons undone, even if you have a collar bar. They sell shirts designed for a collar bar and that is not one of them. It makes me sick just looking at it.
Go for it, I think it's a great piece.
The jacket seems to fit alright, a bit on the short side but close enough.
I don't see how some of the higest votes went to photos that were of children and have nothing to do with this challenge. How can we take these things seriously if they are going to continue to be conducted in such a way.
Fine if it is for a wedding and you are the groom or something like that, but there isn't much place elsewhere for it.
Lock your wallet up and give the key to a well trusted friend that will only allow you access to it in case of an emergency.
Nothing wrong with it, but the shirt should be lighter so you don't end up as just one large mass or dark fabrics.
Not a horriable fit but the suit is a tad boxy from the front at least. I would have the legs (around the thighs) and the jacket taken in just a touch.
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