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There is a slight roll in the back which is a simple fix, the rest of the jacket looks great as well as the 2nd coat.
There is more work that need done here then I would say it's worth, I would go down a size instead of trying to get all of it altered.
Well fisrt you put your shirt and socks on then start with your pants, one leg at a time. Then comes the jacket and this is the most important part, go in one sleeve at a time adjusting it on your shoulders as needed. Make sure to buttom the top button only when standing and undone when sitting. That pretty much covers it.
Sleeves aren't too bad but the shoulders do seem a bit big, about a size at the most.
It can work as long as the colors and materials of the 3 or in cohesion together, otherwise it becomes a hot mess.
Not something i'm really into, but with the right garments it can be pulled off nicely.
I will admit that I have had trouble with ties in the past but I have pretty much mastered them, so I do not take much time with them at all. In fact I am to the point where I don't even have to look any more and can usualy get it right on the first try.
Great video, it has gotten me all excited about oxford again.
Saturday is about the only day I do not wear one, I wear them daily for work and sometimes on sunday for church or I will just go with slacks and a sport coat or blazer. Cuurently I have 12 suits so I can have a great weekly rotation and not repeat myself too often.
From what I can tell you did a pretty good job, better then I could do at least.
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