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Once should be enough but you can try a 2nd time and if still nothing then take it to a tailor.
Quote: Originally Posted by WBaker Maybe its because of the way you are standing, but the shoulders look too wide on all of them. I think it is the way he is standing, the sleeves look a bit short though.
Teh first guy is ok except for the suit and tie not matching, the 2nd is wearing a ugly suit with no shirt underneath. The last one is worst of all, looks almost like a chick. I know british people can dress far better then this, why must you waste our time like this.
A traditonal suit will usualy have pleated pants, but for your type I think you might prefer flat front.
Quote: Originally Posted by Viral turn down collar is the way to go.......... Yes a turn down collar works just as nice, as long as you stay away from the clip on ties.
I don't know, but it's too trendy for my taste. Not something i'd ever wear.
Get the sleeves wet again and Iron them out making sure to pull out the fabric as much as possiable. Once the shirt is dry weight the sleeves down in place for a few hours helping it hold it's shape, that should do the trick and never wash it again.
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba I'd keep that one and get the polo one as well. It's tough to have too many solid colored suits. +1
Looks to me like a wool cashmere blend, I would say 80/20 or 85/15 wool being the highest percentage of course.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Albert Thurston. As for color of the fittings: you choose. - B +1
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