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Pants look a little tight in the rear, there is some bunching in there. The rest of the suit seems to be ok though.
Sleeve look a tad long on the glen plaid but the rest of the fit is great as well as the fit on the 2nd suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by RogerC Sorry for the newbie question, but how would I instruct the tailor to get rid of that roll? Just go to any tailor and point out the issue with the garment and they will know exactly what to do. at least any accomplished tailor will know.
I would get a suit made, most of my suits I have now are all custom made and I prefer them to otr.
That is a simple alteration, they can go in and tighten the collar up some so it gives you a better fit.
I prefer a split yolk but a side pleat is also nice.
Your swimming in this, the shoulders are very broad, the sleeves are extreemly long as well. I would say your at least a size too big if not more, I would exchange it, there is no way to fix this with alterations.
No, I have several that are contrasting as far as the body being one color and the collar and cuff being another. I don't think I have even ever seen a shirt that resembles what you have just discribed, sounds kind of odd actually.
Try a shorter tie, or just tying a diffrent knot that will allow you to keep the tie at a proper lenght when finished.
Blue and grey are stapel colors for a first suit, blue especially. It is very versatile and works for many occasions, but a nice med grey would also do the same. I think you are fine to stick with the grey if that is what you want.
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