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I am not a big fan of paisley personaly but it is not a bad tie, it would certainly go well with a lt blue shirt.
I would go with the lighter purple the other is too dark adn would not seem to be as versatile as the other seems to be.
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin +1
As long as your wearing them correctly, with a decent french cuff shirt, showing off the perfect amount of cuff ect then I would say anyone can do it.
I always like to show off a bit more cuff when wearing french ones but it is customary to wear them about the same lenght. for french cuff it can be a matter of preference as long as your not showing too little or too much.
Solid black would work best for formal, you could try to get one that matches the tie but it'll end up looking like a cheap rental job so I would advise aginst it.
go ahead, I would say it is appropriate to do this. I am surprised that the school has not advised students to dress nice since it it is usualy customary to do so. I would not let anyone else get in your way, if you want to do what you think is right then I say do it.
Great for gym class but i can;t seriously inagine anyone wearing it. Except for jed klampit maybe.
I would say about 100$ at the most, and that is being generous.
Looks great what you have selected, grey and yellow work very well together.
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