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It dose not work on the shoes, the shoes are privately sold through to company so they cannot dictate teh sales on them.
If I had a dollar for everytime I heard this in a given week I could go to the mall for a mini shopping spree lol. it is a shame that things are so casual now. there are days that I have on just a nice shirt and slacks and all of the sudden people think i'm off to a wedding or something. It makes me sick really.
4 and 6 stick out to me the most, but there all nice. Not a big fan of the paisley's but that is just my personal preference.
I have not seen them outside of formal wear and it is my understanding that they are not to be worn any other way.
Never, don't do it don't even think about doing it for one more second.
[quote=Insensitive;3667105] This guys tie is hanging way too low, it should not go past the belt buckle.
Beside going with a similar color to the jacket it's self there isn't really a color that will not work well with it. white lt blue or a lt pink is probably your best route.
I like the patterns and colors of the shirts but I mostly only wear french cuffs so unless they were I would not wear them.
Why not, just wear it with confedence and it'll work out fine.
I would normally sauy go for it,I would never tell a man who has a desire to wear a suit not to do so. My only hold up would be that if your the only one wearing a suit I would not do it. It is never a good idea to dress better then your bosses or anyone higher up then you so if theywill not be wearng suits to this meeting then it go go badly for you if you do.
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