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About 4 hours ago I found a Nudie Jonny on ebay for £220 so I bought it immediately. However I'll see how it is, use for 2 months and look at ordering the TOJ Moto 2011 as it's beautiful in black. I think the 2 pockets for me. The leather looks incredible. Thanks Brad-T for recommending them, I'll refer to you when I order.
I have to say that TOJ moto 11 is perfect. Do they deliver to the UK??
Hi, First time post, love the forum! I've narrowed my search to two leather jackets I like however I cannot decide which one as they both have qualities I love. I've been looking for a jacket that is:   Versatile with both a tshirt, jumper or a shirt&tie Soft leather Slim fitting Biker style with minimal pockets Black Younger design that suits my age (24)   I obviously want a soft leather of good quality but I accept due to my budget it's not going...
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