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Just ordered new suit yesterday at Lee Baron, go for the first fitting tomorrow, looking forward to that :-)
Hi lucubrator - please check this link:
Any other comments about this suit?
Thanks   3.500 HK$ for this house fabric.
a tailor: Thanks for the comments - this point I didn't even notice  Seems like the rest is fitting pretty well right? Personally I wouldn't mind that the sleeves on jacket was cut a little slimmer.
I guess it does
  The jacket was 1 inch longer when I went for my first fitting, but I asked them to make it shorter. In my eyes it still looks long, I still have to get used wearing a "classic" suit and not a modern (shorter) fit. Anyway thanks for the comments.
I asked the tailor if it was fully canvassed and he said that it was. I could also see the canvas when I got the first fitting.   Thanks.
Finally i took a photo of my first tailored suit from Sammys Tailor Mody Road in Hong Kong I posted more photos in the tailor thread.:
I got my first tailored suit in October - I got it made in Hong Kong by Sammys Tailor on Mody Road. Any comments about the fit?   PS: Shirt is also tailormade - any comments on that too?  
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