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Payment sent for 2 and 10
PM sent on #2 & 10
Rather than buying something you maybe kinda sorta want you might consider selling the GC for 10-15% under face value then taking the money and buying something you really want. Plenty of folks shop BR and GAP so I would think it would sell.
I had been looking for a good matching belt to my Rust 1ks. I think I found it and it didn't cost a lot which was nice. Anyway, pic below. The belt is Orion Leather 38mm . As far as the belt quality, the belt is nice and thick. It is definitely the nicest belt I own, but that isn't saying a lot since my previous belts were all department store bought. This post doesn't necessarily have much to do with the thread but in my search for a belt I did a search of this thread...
Alright, I technically already bought both pairs of boots just to be able to look at them in person. That said, I am planning on returning one pair. The trouble is I can't decide which pair I like more. I am looking for opinions even if it is "you're crazy, return both".     #1     #2
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