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The fit may have been off in Skyfall, but I wouldn't classify Tom Ford suits as crap. Also, I'd say that the fit we've seen so far of SPECTRE is better than that of Skyfall; not as fitted through the mid, less of a cropped look and the shoulders aren't as narrow.It's all opinion man. I don't see any faults with the QoS suits and they seem to be the most well received as well. What do you not like about them?
We're all waiting for you to kick things off! Jokes aside, I won't have anything in hand until the current run goes into production and sent out. The trick is for me to forget that I placed an order to pass the time.
I apologize if I overlooked this, but did you say when you will have a prototype in hand? I'm curious to see how the milled leather you discussed earlier behaves.
The dark green leather sample is more of what I had in mind. It looks very similar to the shade that is used in Frank Clegg's bags.   If a limited run is offered in the future, then that's where I will place my money.
That's next on my list as well. I had planned on taking the same size as my Islay, but I guess it comes down to how you like your boots to fit.
I agree with the others who say no brass hardware on the Navy duffle. It's nice to have that consistency across the product line for those of us who have gone with the Navy already. With regards to the green leather, I wouldn't mind this for the weekender bag if it was a darker shade, say, loden or forest.
I wear the same size for both Islay and Coniston (12UK) and 12.D Alden Barrie.
^ Well I've been very happy with each C&J boot I purchased and really wanted this one to be my "work horse" for the foul weather, hence my tenacity for the full bellows. The faux captoe would just be a plus. In my last pm with Nikola, he didn't mind waiting a few more months to try this again. I still think our best chance to filling this list will be to seek outside of this forum to others and referring them to our sign-up here.
Just a heads up to the few that were interested in the Snowdon; I spoke with Lauren regarding this MTO and it seems that the only way we could get the bellows tounge feature is if we had a full order of 12 because budapest12's contact had it approved with her manager. If we want to revisit this MTO down the road a few months, then we could see if we have better luck filling the list. If not, then I may be looking elsewhere to find what I need.
Your right regarding the watch. The one on film with the NATO strap is the 300 Master co-axial. The above "bumblebee" Aqua Terra image has a photo-shopped strap.
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