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I've never been a fan of monk strap shoes. However, every time I see Cleav's photos it makes me reconsider.
How about a different direction from cordovan? For those of us in the really cold areas, a shearling lined Snowdown would be great!   
@BootSpell. Yeah the standard brown. I just wanted to upgrade the sole to better fit my needs for the upcoming winter in my area. The dainite sole on the Coniston's and the Islay have been fine, but I'd like something with a bit more traction.
Those are great BootSpell.   I have those on my short list to purchase prior to October. I just need to inquire what the charge will be to change the sole to a Ridgeway.
That is beautiful fabric Katabatic! I finally have made my way into their store and didn't see that, however, a forest green herringbone piqued my interest. I plan on going next week to speak with them and will decide if I'll make the plunge.
Hoit,   Those boots look amazing! I'm a bit bummed that I missed out on the MTO. So I plan on ordering the Harlech later this year and will switch out the leather sole for a Ridgeway sole. Btw, thank you for your sizing advice regarding the Marlow.
I purchased a pair of the Marlow Wingtips in 12D hoping that is the correct size I need and not the 13. In C&J last 348 and 341, I wear an 11.5UK.
  I've been putting off purchasing a pair of Marlow Wings until April in hopes of these being on sale.
Interesting to read about your experience with the Marlow wings and Harlech being a bit bigger. Both of those are on my short list to purchase. If you don't mind me asking, what is your 341 last size and what size were your Marlows?
Those are a great looking boot Monty! I've been itching to add a blue suede to my spring/summer rotation
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