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@lagsun - Thanks for sharing the sale and site. I finally ordered a pair of pembrokes  
In all fairness, Budapest and I tried to get the Snowdon MTO off the ground last spring, but to no avail. It certainly seems that the zug leather was the final push that was needed. 
Thanks for the update - really looking forward to receiving these! 
I'm in! Hopefully we can get the first 12 to pay quickly to get this started! 
Commando > Ridgeway > Dainite 
@nigeljh : Perhaps we should move over the interest list to the C&J MTO page. Thanks for spear-heading this btw. Look forward to the updated reply from Lauren.  @laufer : I would like to see the shearling collar just like the Turner's, but when we tried this MTO last time, we got a definitive no from the factory. Hopefully we can sway their decision
For those interested, this was the make-up we had discussed: 228 Last - Oak Wax Hide - 5 Speed Hooks - Full Bellows Tounge - Faux Stitch Captoe - Commando Sole - Veldtschoen - Full Leather Lining?
Well Budapest, it looks like we will finally be able to get our Snowdon MTO off the ground. It's too bad we didn't have this interest earlier in the year... We could have been wearing these boots right now  
I'm excited to see that stretch goals are added for the weekender. I want to get my hands on a green one if it becomes available. 
^ The Overton would be fine, but only if the OP doesn't mind patent leather. I think the Alex or Audley would be great options, just give them a good shine. 
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