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These are Burgundy Shell Cordovan Austerity Brogue Bal Boots. Size 11.5 wide (EEE), Forest Last. They are used, but were worn only once for several hours.
New and unused, without box, Carmina Bal Boots bought through Epaulet. Size 12, normal width, Forest last. Rare and beautiful Ruby shell cordovan.   They cost about $900 new.
In terms of styling it looks most similar to the Aberdeen last, however in my experience the forest is wider in terms of fit.  
  Your idea sounds interesting but alas, I've probably surpassed my shoe budget for the year (decade?). Were you thinking forest or rain last (the picture looks like something inbetween these two)? Shell or calf?
  The rain last is noticeably wider than the forest last.
I'd go for the Terracotta Lama captoe boots.
I vote for a burgundy shell cordovan version.  Shell is one of Carmina's specialties and the pictures looked absolutely beautiful.  Burgundy is one of the more common shell cordovan colors, but I don't think anyone would argue that an austerity brogue boot is common.   I'm less excited by the scotch grain texture, although I'm sure it'll be nice. The austerity brogue has two thin lines and I think a uniform leather surface might show them off better.   It's...
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