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Just call/email one of the outlets and ask them to send you the 2nds list in your size.  The JAB or BB models won't come out in the shoebank site.  For some reason they only come out in the spreadsheet they send you.
Cognac shell longwings today:  
^^^ Interested on people's experiences with comfort on BR shoe too as I intend to commission a pair of BR shoes in the near future. I have mostly GW shoes from Alden, AE and carmina.
Favorite that I have, cigar str8 tip, on aberdeen last:   Wish list: A shortwing on a slimmer last, prefer blucher style.. Someone posted a cigar atom SW that leffot did, which would work.
Nah. They use a special kind of stitch that shouldn't unravel.  Can't remember what it's called. Worst case: If you see sole separation, just take it to Nordies and they'll refund or give you a new pair no questions asked.
dab with vinegar with a qtip. If you see some good results, then full strength with your fingertip or rag.
Maiden voyage for these Carmina longwings on the Detroit last.   Pretty smitten with Carmina shell thus far. Couple of questions: what's the equivalent to Carmina's "saddle" shell? Does Carmina offer a brown or cigar shell cordovan?
Daughter's (partial) haul + shell strands.  Happy Easter!  
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