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^^^ Maybe someone can summarize what this "deal" is. Hate to create an account just to see that the deal is lukewarm. Thx.
Went with the BB shell str8 tips today:  
Thanks, RTP and Mr. Clemson. They are #8. Something about the flash and the light makes them look browner.
Dont tie the top eyelets when breaking them in. Wear them loose at the top initially. 975s today: 
Shoe pickups from the last month or so: [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
Marlow Mundy!  
Haven't seen the University in person but the Rutledge (on the 333 last) is awesome. If there was a sale on it right now, I'd be like, "Where's my wallet?!"
Probably a good question to ask Nick @Horween.
Good stuff, half  Looking forward to the writeup.
Thanks for the info on the 9 last. Looks to be a good last for me.I don't think I have any 9 last shoes. Loafers are tricky and these fit fantastic.  I'm wearing these today on a dress down friday (maiden voyage!):
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