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[[SPOILER]] Nice! Would you say the epaulet one has lightened?
[[SPOILER]] Great work  Cold and blustery in NO? How bout some gumbo?
King gunboats today:  
I've been using Bicks. Works for a couple of wears then the dryness returns. I guess it's the nature of C&J shell.
Got a coupon in my catalog for 15% off AE "branded" products? What are these? clothing? polishes and such? If this means shoes, I can combine with the AMEX deal 
Or, informally known as the Platypus last.
[[SPOILER]] I'm not a big whiskey fan, but these look pretty good.
Thanks. Will try this out.
^^Nice boots today gents. All this talk about the townleys made me break mine out:    
Thanks for the heads up! I have some townleys but I admit I never go on the Shoebank unless AE is having a % off sale 
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