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If I were standing on my feet all day, I'm thinking manning a booth at a convention, I would reach for my double sole Alden longwings (w/a steel shank).  I would not have thought this earlier since they are referred to as "gunboats" and look and seem substantial.  They are heavy but I don't know how they do it. They provide excellent support and my feet don't feel like I've been standing all day when I get home or to the hotel.   If I'm at my desk, sitting down, any single...
Good choice. I have Alden shell and other makes shell and my AE shell is always the lightest.  Maybe it's the lack of a shank or they use thinner shell hide (?). Also, my shell dalton boots (unlined) are crazy light too. I don't mind.
Shell strands today:  
One of the great mysteries of AE and this thread.  And, they never seem to "roll out" the limited SWs they do with fanfare. I think I heard about the Madison Parks by someone here who spotted them at Nordstrom.  I think during a Reddit Q&A someone asked P. Grangard what's up with the lack of shortwings. He replied, "It's coming!" All we got was some sort of soft sole Rockport as part of the Road Warriors collection.  There are a lot of other makers that do SWs is all I can...
Went with some vintage #8 Bostonian crown windsors 2day:  
[[SPOILER]] I would wear the 2nd pair on football sunday. We're enablers, right?
Chocolate suede tukabuks on crepe sole (jeans raised on purpose):  
I don't know why Carmina calls these EE. I'm a D width on the brannock and they fit fine.  Maybe it's a Spanish thing.  
Cognac longwings on the Detroit last today:  
[[SPOILER]] Thanks for Fenway for posting these. I got them but they are going back. There is a streak of rough shell in the toe area (see below). The same shoe has more rough areas on the inside but that would  not have bothered me since no one looks there.  I just don't know how the sun would impact that toe area with time.  Finally, the $599 price is a little high IMO.  I would've kept these at the regular irregulars shell price. I will try to get these to the PO...
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