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Brown strands today. A little walnut/ravelloish in places:  
Looking seriously on some AE boat shoes on the shoebank. Was there some kind of loafer sale last fall as the weather turned? Want to wait, but getting that itch...
RL Marlow PTBs in brown color today:  
What's the best price w/shipping on the Saphir renovateur? I'm in the US.
[[SPOILER]]  At first I thought they were some sort of sleek lasted boots. Def look slimmer than my D width 975s.
Fine pair of shoes website is down.
[[SPOILER]] If they would have this in cognac or saddle shell, they couldn't keep it in stock!
Ceegar straight tips to begin the week:  
Re. the Aberdeen. I have these and they are a great rain/snow inclement weather shoe for me. The upper leather is oil infused so it beads off the the water nicely. Also, the commando soles are great for rain/snow.  Here's an old pic:  
Last time I checked, Skyvalet in Georgetown carries Carmina.
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