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You forgot to mention this part: 
1/2 size down for the macneil for me. 
Thanks. That's good to know.  I'll have to try it.  The advice I've seen with water spots (not raised) is just leave them be and they will go away after a few wears.
Wait, VSC can remove water spots? Details, please.
[[SPOILER]] These are sweet  . Nice sox, too.
[[SPOILER]] Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Those are fantastic. Went with the calf Singletons today: 
Used my 40% coupon on this duffle:    
Any love for CXL today? Dovers since there is a threat of rain.  
Can't wait to see yours, buddy. Also, I just read the entire reddit. I think 3 people were asking about a shortwing. MESSAGE RECEIVED.  Looks like P. Grangard is sticking around. Also, that new ownership groups seems committed to keep AE on the current path.  Good news.
Townley Tuesday Wednesday:  
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