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Thanks! Nah, just bend sideways and stick your iphone out
Marlow Mundy:  
I don't have the kenwood, but I would suggest you go with an 8D beefroll.  I went with my barrie size +.5.  When new, there were comfortably snug and have loosened up nicely. If you're impatient, you can stretch them with a shoe stretcher. Someone else can chime in but they used to have a program where you pay $50 and they send you 3 pairs or something and guarantee they'll have your size.  Return shipping is free until you get your size dialed in. (I never tried this...
Shell townleys from earlier this week:  
The full panoply of Regional Rate was available when I printed a label this morning THANKS USPS/EBAY!  No need for the workaround.
[[SPOILER]] Excellent! Did you just get these? No creases.
Glad I'm not alone!  I posted about this a while ago. Still not working for me. I just sold 3 things that ended Sunday night. See this thread from ebay community: http://community.ebay.com/t5/Shipping-Returns/Regional-Rates-missing-from-Click-amp-Ship/td-p/22139322
They're Joe's. Very lightweight.  sub 12 oz. The only selvedge I'd wear in the summer. I think the model is Brixton.
975s today. Getting creative with my skylight light. Exposed the selvedge for the young bucks.  
I picked up the "classic" burgundy/black calf shelton when I heard that was going to be out. That's the only shoe that I had to have.  I would hope that AE brings back a shortwing like the player (in dk brown) or some former iteration.  They really need a sleek shortwing IMO.
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