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What location was this? I think AE bigwigs check this thread regularly. I've mentioned the lack of customer service I've received at the Mebane outlet.
[[SPOILER]] Awesomesauce.
Cognac shell LWBs. These are on the Detroit last:  
Probably helps to wear them 1 or 2 times.  The cobbler will actually sand off the new, smooth part of the sole so that the topy glue can stick better. 
Monday blues: New to me Brooks BD w/a (classic!) Brooks Makers tie:   Tag is blue script w/white background MiUSA. this shirt has a front pocket this tag was on the inside front shirt tail
Hello Fellow Barn Weasels, My latest acquisition, the Mclain, color brown.  Funny, when I first started getting into AE shoes, I disliked wingtips. I thought they screamed stodginess.  Now, I can't get enough of them. Wingtip bluchers, bals, boots, longwings, shortwings...These were 2nds but they are flawless. No mark on the bottom. Only thing "wrong" with them is that they don't have AE or the model name on the insole.   
To all you guys thinking about pulling the trigger on the Higgins Mills boot on sale: send an email/call to your favorite SA right around closing time. Probably won't respond, but they will, usually honor the sale tomorrow. 
Snapchat of the shoes Ryan Lochte, and his buds, were wearing when he was 'allegedly' held up in Rio:
[[SPOILER]] I would not wear them with a suit, but almost everything in the realm of "casual" would work IMO. Collared shirt, no tie...
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