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If it's a new shoe, I would wait until the footbed settles.   On preowned, you can stretch shell. Get one of those shoe stretchers that have the "bumps" and holes. Also, you have to be gradual about it. Leave the stretcher on overnight on multiple nights. Keep trying on the shoe until any sore point doesn't bother you. You can take a leather shoe to a cobbler and he can stretch it in one session.  Shell is more gradual. Put too much pressure, too soon, and it will split up...
[[SPOILER]] They look great 
I want a minimalist front pocket shell cordo money clip like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8x3DW9ZXw7E I contacted the guys above and they aren't taking any orders as they have no shell in stock. All I really want is some sort of shell that will patina nicely. No blacks or burgundy. I don't carry that many cards. Just 2-3 and a drivers license. Anybody have something like this in stock?
Some rain in the morning so I went with the aberdeens today. Like how the water beads off the leather. And, of course, the commando sole. However, don't like how they have not held their structure. They kinda "blob out":   
Are you talking dress shirts?
I did the same time for a while, but I would sometimes knock them off when I went up stairs or stepping up a curb.  Now, I do the recessed toe taps. Problem solved!
I'm a heel striker and I do put these in myself. Only on the heels. Not on the tips. I think it doesn't really matter what size you use on the heels. I pick mine up at Xmart and they run $3 or so (there's like 4-6 pieces).  Once I wear one of them down, I begin to look at getting the dovetail heel replaced. 
Just found this thread. I’m looking for slim fit OCBD shirts that have long collar tips (currently available at a retailer).   These are the only ones I’ve been able to measure personally (longest to to shortest): 1. New Brooks MiUSA Milano fit: 9 cm. 2. Brooks Malaysia made Milano fit: 8.5 cm. 3. Lands End “Hyde Park” slim fit: 6.75 cm. (too short!) I don't think Mercer makes a slim fit OCBD, but I could be wrong.  I can't get into those tenty ocbds. Do you all know...
I really like the Madison Ave. However, the last doesn't work for me. The Cliftons are a solid model. I thought that the Clifton is a Nordies only model, but i could be wrong.  
I would also consider a full strap loafer. I can't remember what AE does in full strap now, but I have both full strap (presidio?) and shorter strap one like the mcgraw.  Full strap is a little classier than a short strap. e.g. I would not wear a full strap with shorts, but yes to short strap one.
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