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Shell brogues today:  
Watch, Are you sure that top captoe boot is cognac? Looks like saddle shell or very light whiskey (whatever Carmina calls that nowadays)
Meh. Just a fad. 25 years ago all the mags were flooded with Cousin Eddie's white loafers.
Someone who would do it would be Nick Valenti in NYC. Price may go up to $100-$150 since he covers shipping. You can print out a label. Google B Nelson shoes​.
That's the Prestwick boot. It's a nice boot. Comfy.  I've seen some new ones on the bay from time to time. I would ask a cobbler to put on a "Vibram Christy wedge sole". I  say they would charge $50-75.  They would remove the old sole. Sand it down and glue the vibram to it. Better that they have the sole in stock. If not, they would have to order it. May cost more $$$.
AE brown shell Bradleys today (these were an MTO):  
 On a related note, you guys have been bringing it strong with your pix.  Sure beats that phase where everyone was bitching, "Would you send these back?"
What's the color combo of this one, Polo?
    Thanks, all.  I wish they would bring these back.  If only, so I can MTO them in shell   We can always beg Paul G to bring them back.   You can always try the bay or Nords Rack.  
Sheltons on a Monday:  
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