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[[SPOILER]] I'd be happy if they'd bring this model back . Thanks.
Travelling today. Took my cigar shell str8 tips. Hotel action shot:  
[[SPOILER]] Sweet! Congrats. Did these have the rubber sole?
That blooming would not work for me, Namor. Reminds me too much of this guy:
^^Nice townleys!   They are calling for a dusting to 1" of snow so I went with my commando soled aberdeens:  
[[SPOILER]] Variation of shell is what makes it so special.  Mine were pretty even when I got them but now the vamp area is starting to lighten up in one shoe (which I love).  I think the other shoe is catching up.  This is one of my old shots:  
[[SPOILER]] Thanks. My variation on the mac method: 1. brush vigourously to "warm" up the leather2. use an old white t shirt and moisten it and wring water out.  Make sure you have a full wood shoe tree underneath.  Wrap your thumb around tshirt and rub on the leather. Really press into it.  You will see the alden finish transfer over to the white shirt. At this point, the shell will look cloudy.3. brush again and buff up with a microfiber cloth.4. repeat as necessary.
Results of a sweat inducing mac session tonight:  
Looking forward to seeing these since I was also considering them.  What kind of sole?
[[SPOILER]] Sweet! Does anyone know which last the Aldens are on?
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