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Old (winter) habits die hard.
Can u believe I'm wearing the Brooks unlined pennys in February?!   #globalwarming #fakenews
Snapped a quick pix of my brooks/alden #8 ptbs at the coffee shop this am:  
Cigar straight tips 2day. I got these from Alden DC in 2014, I think:
I agree with what RTP and Watchman just said.    I would add another point, I read on the AE thread that AE will be introducing the Macneil on a different last.  I used to own the Macneil but sold it b/c that last didn't work for me.  I may give it another shot in this new last. The Macneil is a bit sleeker than the Alden Barrie last IMO. 
Went with the Brooks #8 tassels on President's day:  
A few years ago, they sent some horween shell hides to India and made a run of their classic longwing model.  Another example:
I read this a while back, but I think he favors darker suits (for the slimming effect).  Also, the long ties are to cover up his gut.  
I thought BB only stocked unlined loafers. 
Sizing: If you cover the return shipping, he will refund you.  If there's a defect that was not described, he'll cover the shipping.
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