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Does that include the mocs as well? Or just boots?
Smack it up. flip it, rub it down...
AE townleys today:  
When Lance Armstrong was winning all those Tour de Frances, that's all everyone wanted to talk about too.
I was travelling the day they had the 2nd double corp day discount.  I got to my hotel around 11:30 and tried to place my order.  However, I only got the 15%.  This was for those peal shell shortwings that were posted earlier. 
[[SPOILER]] Great! One day I will acquire this model.
This may have changed, but I got and paid a bill for customs fees from fedex for about $20-30. This was a few weeks after I got the shoes.  I am in the US.
    Thanks, guys. I will put a saved search on ebay to see if my size comes up. The BCF ones were too big.
Anybody recognize this loafer?  I would really like to know if it's in CXL.  I'm jonesing for a CXL loafer that I can patina up.  This was at BCF and priced at $89. Also made in the DR. The only nat CXL models that I think AE ever did was the Clark and Rush streets.  
[[SPOILER]] Sanfords look great.
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