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Marlow mundy:  
I'll be in Chicago in early April. I don't really "need" any more clothes/shoes/accoutrements, but can be persuaded if it's on sale. Any places I can stop that will have some deals next month? Or maybe running sales on a more/less regular basis.  I'm not the kind of guy that goes into Tom Ford or Zegna and drops a couple thou on a suit (full msrp), lol.  Been getting into quality goodyear welted shoes recently.
Brown Larchmonts today:  
[[SPOILER]] DC.  I must have gotten on a good train car, lol. Our cars are carpeted, which is good, except you can't remove chewing gum from carpet. Edit: we are starting to get some new cars that have that MTA-stye linoleum floors!
Brown shell strands on the subway this am:  
Thanks, @NewYawker   . I think I'm gonna follow your lead and go .5 down.  I prefer some initial snugness because eventually, my shoes expand.  Now, Carmina just has to restock, lol.
You can always uglify your shoes by going with the "official" AE Shoemoustache: 
Thanks. I think NewYorker went down .5 size down to the Detroit.  In looking at the description of the 922, it said nothing about EE width but the Detroit lasted longwing does mention EE width. Good to know.
Let me (us) know how it goes.
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