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Mac'd up my C&J shells 2 nights ago:  
I agree with you, buddy. Such variation in AE brown shell(!) even in the same shoe. The captoes are lighter in these than the vamp. My only other pair of AE brown shell are some townleys that are darker overall.
Getting this thread back to some good ol shoe parn:     Brown shell strands with a navy pinstripe suit.
You forgot to mention this part: 
1/2 size down for the macneil for me. 
Thanks. That's good to know.  I'll have to try it.  The advice I've seen with water spots (not raised) is just leave them be and they will go away after a few wears.
Wait, VSC can remove water spots? Details, please.
[[SPOILER]] These are sweet  . Nice sox, too.
[[SPOILER]] Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Those are fantastic. Went with the calf Singletons today: 
Used my 40% coupon on this duffle:    
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