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There is a Kiowa in brown grain, which I like. It would make the perfect rain shoe IMO. Waiting for them to be part of a sale and I'll pounce.
  You're both right, gents. 975s. I'm at an all-day Saturday meeting  and, I've got spring and LHSs on my mind.
Barrie last, buddy. BTW nice recent ravello pickup.
King 986s today:  
Or, the DC cigar LWB? Last I heard was March.
On the Independence line, I would probably go up a width. That's been my personal experience. I think the inner lining makes the shoes especially snugger. Also, they seem to be "warmer" since the inner lining is thicker (?).  Right now, I'm wearing my Independce shoes with thinner sox. That's just me so YMMV.
Marlows today:  
Can you post a pix of the sole?
Looking for some suggestions on a resole of my Eastland wiscassets.  They came with the white christy sole, which I liked because it was comfy. Wasn't too crazy about the white color, though. I wanted rancourt to resole them with the realtex sole but they won't do non branded racourt shoes.  So it's between vibram (in a different color) or crepe. Does crepe come in different colors? What do you think about a burnt orange sole? I think basic orange would be too flashy....
[[SPOILER]] Sweet! What color? Walnut? NM. I start from the last post and work my way up. Walnut looks great.
New Posts  All Forums: