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@Itsuo I sold mine a while ago. I never used them as foul weather boots, though.  I think it's just the nature of moc construction.  There is a single stitch that holds the upper and sold together, as i understand it.  You have a variety of welt construction methods that will be more robust to handling snow and water. Even then, they're not water proof. You have a lot of testimonials here about guys baking in snow seal to their goodyear welted boots esp. at the welt with a...
Looks sharp from here . Not hard at all to get your pants slimmed. Just measure the leg opening of one of the pants that you like; measure them flat, and tell the tailor.  They will open the inside or outside seam (cant remember) and bring together/cut excess fabric. Cant remember if they start around the knees or hips. They have charged me ~$15.
If you waterproof it like that, (i think) you can handle powdery snow or light drizzle. However, if you will step in puddles and such, you'll get seepage in the seams, no matter what. Anytime the water level is above the seams.  If you want a totally waterproof boot, get some bean duck boots.
New addition  . Cigar str8 tip on the aberdeen last. Thx to @mdubs for turning me on to this special makeup:  [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] Look great, buddy. I wish I was your size so I could buy some of your discards, lol.
@mdubs love the WT boot!
[[SPOILER]] Great choice today RTP! Looking great, Unc!
[[SPOILER]] Just like KMD said. That's a pretty basic repair for a competent cobbler.  They will usually sew a leather patch to the heel cup area. I would say about $20 or so.
King 975s 2day:  
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