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Rain made me go with the dainite soled Universities:  
Lucky dog. Let me know if you get tired of them 
Hey boys, Meet my pickup from the recents 2nds sale, the chili University:     No 2nds stamp. Maybe some scuffs that will come out with polish.     I believe this is Bob's chili.  This is my 3rd 333 last shoe. Other ones I own are the Rutledge and the Larchmont. Paul, bring back the 333 last!
Neumok? It has a leather sole but it is oil infused so tends to be softer.
[[SPOILER]] Fantastic! Will the belt be shell as well? If yes, that is a super deal.
I've used B nelson on a couple of recrafts and have been pleased. For example, Alden will only recraft to their original specs i.e. neocork sole to neocork etc. B Nelson has been able to change to another type of sole. Also, alden refinishes with their acrylic coating; even if you don't want it! When I ask B nelson to not polish, he obliges.  Also, when I put my instructions on his ordering page, he always calls to make sure he got everything. That's a nice touch.
Problem is AE keeps introducing new models. Some good, some great. Off the top of my head I can think of:Indy lineRough collectionGrey lineBourbonHiggins Milletc.I usually pass when they first come out, but pounce when they hit the shoebank. Helps to be an easy to find size.
Went with the Rutledges to start out the abbreviated week:  
    The Marshalls in Tysons had 3 alden black strap loafers. All for $299. Here's the thing: one them is black shell cordovan.  It was an 8D.  Too small or I prolly would have picked it up.  The other calf ones were smallish and C width, I think.  Maybe 7s.  Also, they only had the right shoe out. They had the other one under lock and key, I'm sure. Enjoy!
Nice pairing with the jeans/sox. 
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