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Aberdeens on a semi-waterlogged Thursday:  
Busting out these new to me Bostonian Crown windsors in #8 color.  Like the color variation on these. Still have to work on the bloom on the left shoe:    
I have looked into getting some AE boat shoes, but the fact that most are now made in the Dominican is a turn-off.  I've got a few boat shoes from Rancourt now.
Starting out the week with the, I think, discontinued burgundy/black Sheltons:  
It's about as hard as Dainite.   I used to have that sole on some Madison aves that I used as rain beaters (shoe on left). AE put a exposed stitch so it looked like a dress shoe.  
Some sort of longwing in a burgundyish shade would work, IMO.
I finally made it out yesterday to Burlington yesterday. The models mentioned here were there, but also saw these that were not in my size, the Geary's. Shortwings!  These were 11.5, I think.  I did an internet search and couldn't come up with the last on these.  I'd be interested if anyone could proxy for me at 9 or 9.5 (last depending).  Thanks.      
Shell cordo Dalton boots today:  
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