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Everyone that has used usps has reported getting their shoes in 1 month. You're the first one that has gotten them in 10 days.  
I haven't found anything for me, but this thread is on fire with all these retailers having sales.
Went with some old school Bostonian crown windsors today:  
I haven't found that shell stretches that much. What I've thought was shell stretching, was actually my foot settling into the footbed.  I have heard that putting pressure on shell from the underside (w/ a shoe stretcher) is dangerous.  Shell has a tendency to crack or split when you do this.  Calf is much more forgiving and will expand. 
Calf will stretch. And, a cobbler can stretch them. However, if the shoes you're referring to hurt when you put them on, don't do it.  If they are just snug, then buy them.
Thanks. Although I am tempted, these look kinda dry (see outer left shoe).  Could be a case of dry C&J shellitis. For used shoes, the uppers better be perfect.
Cigar(!) to start out the week. Str8 tips on Aberdeen last. In the sun:     In the shade: Make it a great week, boys.
[[SPOILER]] My faves are the cappuccino shells. Great stuff, buddy.
I have an Amex business card that can override this. I haven't tried it in a long time, but they will back you up of you don't want an item, wrong size and, of course, defect. Generic MC and visa won't do this.
New Posts  All Forums: