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Sheltons today:   Get them while you can!
[[SPOILER]] Those look great. I dig variations in shell. I'm gonna try to wear some full strap loafers with a suit one day. Ok, perhaps with a suit sans tie.
[[SPOILER]] These are awesome, bud.
I seem to recall a rank order of leather types and how much each expands/gives discussed here. Correct me if this is wrong:   CXL=very stretchy/expansive calf=less stretchy suede=even less stretchy shell=not very stretchy at all
Marlow Wednesday:  
[[SPOILER]] I'd be happy if they'd bring this model back . Thanks.
Travelling today. Took my cigar shell str8 tips. Hotel action shot:  
[[SPOILER]] Sweet! Congrats. Did these have the rubber sole?
That blooming would not work for me, Namor. Reminds me too much of this guy:
^^Nice townleys!   They are calling for a dusting to 1" of snow so I went with my commando soled aberdeens:  
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