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#8 tassels today:  
My cobbler can swap out the steel shank for a fiberglass one when recrafting. I believe that Crockett/Jones uses a wooden one so no problem at metal detectors.
Me too. I still don't know what dapkicks means. 
I think they do stretch and/or your foot will settle into the footbed.  For me, they were tight with thin socks. Now, I wear regular thickness socks and they fit great.
[[SPOILER]] Can you return? These expand a bit and, if you've got heel slip now, it's gonna get worse.
RL Marlows today:  
Shell strands under my desk:  
Unlined espresso shell loafers on peel and press waiting room carpet:  
[[SPOILER]] That's a sweet shade of brown shell there, buddy. Went with the burgundy shell Daltons 2day. (Looks like I'm levitating, but my feet ARE dangling while sitting, ha.)
Cloudy=more chances of rain vs. a sunny day.
New Posts  All Forums: