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The full panoply of Regional Rate was available when I printed a label this morning THANKS USPS/EBAY!  No need for the workaround.
[[SPOILER]] Excellent! Did you just get these? No creases.
Glad I'm not alone!  I posted about this a while ago. Still not working for me. I just sold 3 things that ended Sunday night. See this thread from ebay community: http://community.ebay.com/t5/Shipping-Returns/Regional-Rates-missing-from-Click-amp-Ship/td-p/22139322
They're Joe's. Very lightweight.  sub 12 oz. The only selvedge I'd wear in the summer. I think the model is Brixton.
975s today. Getting creative with my skylight light. Exposed the selvedge for the young bucks.  
I picked up the "classic" burgundy/black calf shelton when I heard that was going to be out. That's the only shoe that I had to have.  I would hope that AE brings back a shortwing like the player (in dk brown) or some former iteration.  They really need a sleek shortwing IMO.
Agree. Good illustrations of shoe innards.  One day I'll find an AE shoe by the side of the road and proceed to dissect it.   Bwn shell strands today:  
Did the "Regional Rate A" shipping option disappear for you guys in paypal?   No big deal cause I will sometimes go to USPS.com and generate a label, which gives me one.  however, this time, I was able to generate in usps.com but no tracking # provided.
[[SPOILER]] Congrats! I went with them today as well: 
I think it's too late for AE to give you some kind of refund/replacement. What you want to do is to moisturize that gash with some of that white leather conditioner periodically.  You don't want it to get too dry that it opens up even more.  Cream polishes alos have moisturizers so that could give you some color whilst keeping it moisturized. As to that stuff on the tongue, that's just par for the course with the eyelets.  When I do a full reconditioning of my shoes, I...
New Posts  All Forums: