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[[SPOILER]] Great!  What kind of soles do they come with?
I want to say 34 or 36. I've got too many tan pants so didn't really look at them.   That navy kiton may still be there! I didn't look at a certain clearance rack because it was swarmed with tourists.
The Marshalls in Tysons Corner has some E zegna pants (made by Incotex) at $129 or so.  Also, some B Cuccinelli pants ($249), RL purple label tan pants for 129.   Etro Milano pants for $149, i think.    The Last call Neiman in Potomac mills has a B Cuccinelli SC, sz 44, but fits like a 42. Color is dark maroon.  It is tagged 2100 but 50% all red tagged stuff. 
Went with the Aberdeens on this waterlogged day (week?).  These puppies bead off the water like crazy (unlike my pants). On casual days, I'll wear my bean boots, but these are passable and keep my feet dry when I dress up.  
Yeah but I look cool in them stools. Also, scuffs come out with a deer bone 
#8 975s while enjoying a cup of joe:  
Easy #packerfan. There's a QB in N. England that is looking good at the moment.
Rodgers gives me a "too cool for school" vibe. Wouldn't mind see him rung up.
[[SPOILER]] Whoa! Does the JC stand for Jiminy Christmas?!
Those are excellent, buddy. Congrats.
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