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Labor day mac session:      Middle shoe is Alden str8 tip crashing the party.
If I were to pick a "grail" or favorite Alden pair, it would be those cigar blucher captoes that Mike has. I think that Mac also has a pair.   Until then, these are a good substitute (#8 BB version):  
[[SPOILER]] Nice. Coming over to the dark side, eh? Penny marlows today: 
Marlow Mundy!   Make it a great week, boys.
Is this boot blake stitched or rapid blake stitch:     I removed the insole so you can see another set of stitches, which seem really weak to me. Are they holding that white subinsole? Thanks.
975s yesterday:   [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] The argyles make that ensemble pop. Congrats.
[[SPOILER]] Nice wheeled action going on there  Shell townley tuesday wednesday: 
I think Venetian Shoe Creme can give you that sheen.
Thanks, bud. Looks like these just went from my "want" to "need" list
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