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[[SPOILER]] Looks good, bud.
Well, Texas is so hot, that you won't need to wear shell  ...maybe January would work.
King 975s on a dress down Friday:  
[[SPOILER]] Those look fantastic. Got the horween stamp, too. Thanks for sharing
Singletons today:  
I'm actually in the states so don't know. The guy asking about sizing is in HK, i think.
That's some serious will power there. I was on AE calfs for a few months, then, BANG! I graduated to shell.
I would say yes.  If you can get someone to give you a discount, you can always resell breaking even or maybe even making some extra cash. There was someone here recently who was affiliated with RL and was getting a discount or using one up for himself.
Have you tried 8.5d? I went 1/2 size down on Marlows. I "usually" take 9.5d in AE like the 5 last (park aves.) but I have been known to fit in the longer fuller AE lasts like the 7 last (macneils) in a 9d. Anyway, Marlows today: 
Breaking in the Rutledges today.  My 1st independence shoe!  These are dark brown.  
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