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By Odin's great beard scotch!
Everytime I see these jpg posts, I never open them. I think there's viruses in there. Even though I'm shoe nut and all...
[[SPOILER]] These look like they're floating on air!
Looks good. Congrats 
^^^ Nice shoes, Mike. Went with the brown AE Townleys today:  
I avoided it. I have the Alden for BB #8 PTB, and I just acquired the C&J brown PTB. Another PTB would have been PTB OVERLOAD.
It's been hot so shell pennys are a good call:  
I would probably avoid. Guy has only 4 posts and there was some sort of scammer selling shell shoes from the far east recently.
Can someone post a link for the Frye's shoes? I'm kinda intrigued.  Like the slanted toe.   I'm not scared off by Mexican craftsmanship. Mexican leather saddles were better than American ones. Also, Mexicans have been working with cows and horses longer than American cowboys. The spanish word "rodeo" is Mexican in origin, I'm pretty sure.
Thanks. Looking forward to it. Funny as most of my shell shoes get discolored on the right shoe first. Maybe it has something with me being on the right coast.
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