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King gunboats to start out the week:  
Is there a good reference book for men's tailoring? With a lot of illustrations?  I'm interested in coats/SCs especially.
I think you're right. However, you may need a special Blake machine that is different from a GW machine. Probably just call B nelson to see if they have such a machine. Another consideration is that Rancourt gives you a new midsole, while resole places will reuse the old one (as I understand it).
@Burzan those look great.  If you win another recraft, send it my way  I've got some AEs that need it.
[[SPOILER]] Looks good, Mike. These look more reddish than #8.
[[SPOILER]] Looks good, bud.
Well, Texas is so hot, that you won't need to wear shell  ...maybe January would work.
King 975s on a dress down Friday:  
[[SPOILER]] Those look fantastic. Got the horween stamp, too. Thanks for sharing
Singletons today:  
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