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[[SPOILER]] Look great, buddy. I wish I was your size so I could buy some of your discards, lol.
@mdubs love the WT boot!
[[SPOILER]] Great choice today RTP! Looking great, Unc!
[[SPOILER]] Just like KMD said. That's a pretty basic repair for a competent cobbler.  They will usually sew a leather patch to the heel cup area. I would say about $20 or so.
King 975s 2day:  
You can get some RWs right now at nordstrom rack for around $175. If you're rack doesn't have your size, you can have them shipped to your house for and add'l $10.  I saw some a while back and they were not seconds.
[[SPOILER]] One of AE's best models. When I got my macneils, I couldn't help be in awe of all the brogueing and handiwork it took to make such a shoe.  Congrats!
Alden for BB shortwings today (apologies for the slouching sox) :  
Burgundy shell daltons and public transit:   Make it a great week, gents.
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