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975s to end the week:  
I've been coming to this thread a long time and I haven't seen this much activity. Kudos to all the contributors. Maybe it's the new shell makeups that are dropping. This may be the Golden Age of the AE thread(s). Keep them coming...
[[SPOILER]] Those are sweet! 
Carmina cognac longwings on the Detroit last (pants raised on purpose):  
[[SPOILER]] I read here that Gucci asked Alden not to make the bit loafer and they complied:
Mulling over getting some of these in burgundy/oxblood.
I got the $100 off of $300 OR $200 off of $500 code BCSP17 via email. However, I did not get the 40% off postcard.
^^Great shine on all those, @smfdoc.
RL Marlows to begin the week:  
Eastports have a wideish, thicker more substantial sole.  The maritimes sole is still comfy, but I think it would not be as durable as the eastport. 
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