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Yes, but I would only recommend you use it on shoes that have caked-on polish from a person who didn't know how to care for cordovan. It has a stripping agent that could damage shell.  Avoid the Mebane store.
I've used a product called "Leather honey" it is marketed as a conditioner for leather soles.  It makes soles less susceptible to wear.  You can also use it as a conditioner for upper, but I have other products for that.  It does work and my soles hold up better vs. a pair of soles that I have not applied this conditioner to. 
1st pair of Rancourt shell! Went TTS and fit is great. This is Espresso shell.   
Bayfields look great!
Wow! We may finally have a shortwing AE shoe with a real sole. Also, just noticed a new Shelton 2.0 with a sleeker last. 
Brown shell Bradleys 2day:  
Had not seen these suede loafers. Super nice!
[[SPOILER]] Always glad to have you back in Oklahoma city.
[[SPOILER]] Looking good! May try the bar lacing on one of my models.
Yep. Been out all morning. Love it. My dog, not so much:
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