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Sweet! Everytime I see these I go, "gotta pick some of those up!". However, here's my "want" list from AE in order of priority: 1. return of the shell MTO program2. new brown grain players 2.03. merlot Park aves. 2 and 3 may be a tie
RL/C&J Marlow shell PTBs today:  
I take a few shots in the morning and usually pick the best one to highlight here. Today, they all came out great.  So, I'm posting all of them:  
[[SPOILER]] They look great.  My experience that they expanded nicely 
Thanks, bud. These are actually "brown" but look more walnutty in my opinion. I got them as 2nds back when they were $299 on sale.  No 2nds stamps on them, though. Maybe the guy that returned thought they were not dark brown enough.  Also, they have lightened up some in the 2 or so years I've had them.
Shell strands on a Monday:  
Drew Brees has to have his eyes checked out. He's delivered some balls to the Dallas defensive backs. Breadbasket deliveries. However, that defense is so inept they keep dropping them.
[[SPOILER]] Great!  What kind of soles do they come with?
I want to say 34 or 36. I've got too many tan pants so didn't really look at them.   That navy kiton may still be there! I didn't look at a certain clearance rack because it was swarmed with tourists.
The Marshalls in Tysons Corner has some E zegna pants (made by Incotex) at $129 or so.  Also, some B Cuccinelli pants ($249), RL purple label tan pants for 129.   Etro Milano pants for $149, i think.    The Last call Neiman in Potomac mills has a B Cuccinelli SC, sz 44, but fits like a 42. Color is dark maroon.  It is tagged 2100 but 50% all red tagged stuff. 
New Posts  All Forums: