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MTO'd brown shell bradleys today. My tie photobombed the shot!  
[[SPOILER]] Your Townleys have that Alden-like glaze.  Mine don't look that shiny. However, I got them before that MTO. 
[[SPOILER]] Paul, bring this shoe back. Sanford 2.0? Also, I'm pretty sure that it's been 5+ years so these haven't been in the shoe bank for a long time.
Cigar straight tips (hotel carpet shot):  
[[SPOILER]] Is the left boot darker?
Congrats @chipshot . Look great!
Felt like a gunboaty kinda day. ocho 975s:  
I think that unlined suede makes your feet feel warmer than regular unlined leather. I may be wrong on this.   However, which makes your feet feel warmer: lined leather vs unlined suede?   I would like to get a suede shoe for the fall, so I'm considering my options. I got rid of my last suede shoe because it felt hot. Can't remember if it was lined or unlined, though. 
Got the following postcard. Runs from 9-22 to 9/27: 
Sheltons to start out the week. (This is the 1.0 version):  
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