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PSA:The Shoe Mart has Alden leisure handsewns available in Cigar and Ravello shell in certain sizes. 10D happens to be one of them! By the way, which store sold the Whiskey shortwings? I'd love to get my name on the next list for a pair.
I just pulled the trigger on the white sneakers, I'm excited to see them in person. Kent, is there any possibility of a Dallas Trunk show in the near future?
Does anyone know if the shoe bank is having any upcoming sales? I'm kicking myself for not getting calf patriots for $140. Thanks!
Thanks for the advice! Seems like a 7.5D would be best
It seems like the Lindricks are available in 8D on the RL website. I measure an 8.5 on the brannock and wear: 8.5 D Flex Welt Chukka (Leydon) 8 C LWB (Barrie) 8 Mora 2.0 (108) 8 Patriot (606) Would the Lindrick boot in an 8D be a good fit? Also, are there any sales coming up aside from the spring Private Sale? I'd appreciate any feedback, thank you!
Up for sale is a pair of truffle shell cordovan Dundees for $275 $255 and brown Neumoras for $150 $120 $110. Prices include shipping CONUS. Original boxes included.Here are the terms:1)  All payments are via paypal. PM me if you're interested with your email address and I'll invoice you. 2) All sales are final.Both shoes are in great shape. I bought both new from the shoe bank as seconds. Both pair have been worn less than 30 times. Both have been well taken care of, with...
Hey guys, Has anyone ever gotten blisters from new shoes? My SA measured me as an 8.5D on the brannock and recommended the Macneil in that size. They were comfortable on carpet, but rubbed my pinky toes raw the first day I wore them out. I talked to my SA about it and they said that the leather just needs to "break in". What do you guys think? Thank you, I'd appreciate any feedback!
Does anybody have any experience with this ebay seller? http://www.ebay.de/itm/Gr-42-270-BW-Hallen-Sportschuh-weis-gebraucht-/251254537466?pt=NATO_Shop&hash=item3a7feffcfa#shpCntId
PSA: full priced Alden's are 1/3 off at haberdash with code BLACKFRIDAY. Haven't tried it myself but dappered says it works
My brown shell Patriots arrived today. I'm in love with the shoes, but not quite sure about the fit. My SA advised sizing down .5 to account for any stretching. This worked well when trying on the calfskin models in the store, but with the shell model I noticed some discomfort in my little toe. Will these break in over time, or should I try a different size? 
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