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Somewhere between birth and death
Half-Windsor, most of the time. Out of habit, I suppose.
If you live somewhere cold, a bit of room in the gloves is quite a good thing as it is the air in the gloves, not the gloves themself, that makes you stay warm. (And I thought nothing I learned in the army was usefull in the real world)
There's always that one guy wearing a hat indoors at a party...Don't be that guy.
J. Crew Ludlow, perhaps? Available on the internet at a fairly reasonable price. SuitSupply is also good value for money, I hear.
A grown man should dress himself, or have a valet do it. That being said, it wouldn't be a good idea to make a massive fuss over this. She does, after all, control the lady-bits in your relationship.
Somewhere in the world some poor chap is wearing one of those. "Should have gone to Specsavers"
I think I would look for another suit. I can't seem to think of any setting where that would be an appropriate thing to wear. Fancy dress perhaps. But still, get something else.
You could have them slimmed to your desired "level of baggy"?
Brooks Brothers, perhaps
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