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All I'm saying is that I think it will puff out just as much worn with the pants of a suit. I do care about how it looks when I don't wear a jacket cause I don't always wear one (like indoors for example)   So I'm gonna have it taken in a little more around the waist. Thanks.
      I'm a little confused.   Anyways, I actually don't think there's a big difference when I wear it with suit pants. The shirt has been washed, twice.
  Yes, you fully understood the issue. That is why I am certainly sticking with this tailor. Correcting the rest shouldn't  be a big deal. Thank you! Very helpful.
Not sure I totally understand what you mean by that but I wouldn't normally wear a shirt like that with jeans. I just didn't have any suit at hand yesterday..
Thanks! I would have never come up with the idea of slimmer sleeves.
So here are the new photos, just like Shirtmaven recommended.   Let's not speak too much of the collar though, it will be changed, that's the one thing I know for sure.   Looking forward to more helpful advice!  
ok better photos coming up monday..
Wow first of all, thank you so much for your many responses. This is tremendous I mean this is literally the best forum I ever joined.. Now that you all shared your opinions solely based on the pictures, I would like to give you some background.   I don't know if you noticed but the key difficulty in tailoring a well fitting shirt for me is the dramatically declining angle of my shoulders. Not a big deal in general, I really only noticed that when I started being...
Hello everybody,   Please take a look at this shirt. I need an impartial opinion. What do you think of the cut? Is this as good as it can be? (That's what I've been told where I got it from...)   It's probably just fine I guess, but I'd like a 'connoisseur' to have a look at it before I spend a considerable amount of money on the next one...   Thank you in advance, I appreciate any sort of input on this.      
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