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Picked up the Indigo Cotton Sport Coat online in a medium, however, it doesn't fit. Paid $285 (includes shipping and NYC sales tax), and willing to pass it along at cost to anyone interested. Feel free to shoot me a holler if you have questions.    http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=99309766&cp=11588650.62131416&ab=ln_men_cs_tailoredjackets&parentPage=family  
Ralph closed a few RRL stores within the last two years because, as I understand it, rent was too high and sales weren't quite justifying keeping the locations open. Now they're in Williamsburg, BK, an area that continues to gentrify and attract many young, well-to-do, fashion-conscious folks. Not sure what kind of numbers they're doing at that location, but I imagine it'll only improve as the area continues to change. And to echo what many of you already have said, I hope...
A very dear friend of mine who designs for the company informed me that it has less to do with management and inventory, and everything to do the fact that people just aren't spending money like they used to, leading to lackluster sales for most if not all divisions of RL. From what I understand, RRL will continue to exist, despite barely breaking even.
I'd consider looking at Mister Freedom.
Anyone know what season/year the Dupre Sportcoat is from?   http://unionmadegoods.com/product/rrl-dupre-sport-coat-in-indigo-stripe/
Have the same sweater. It's awesome, especially after a few wears. Just don't make the same mistake I made, and use it with a white t-shirt...
Feel free to drop us a message at sales@thecorridorstore.com and we'll be happy to extend a discount. Offer valid until Friday, May 29th.    Be sure to mention your Styleforum member ID in the email.   Hope y'all had a great Memorial Day Weekend.   Cheers,   Paul
Gonna have to echo the above sentiments: wash your jeans when they're filthy and smelly. Also, I'd recommend a 30-45 minute cold soak before breaking in a new pair. As I understand it, the starch takes away from the longevity of jeans (leads to early blowouts, etc.), and soaking them, even if only for a short amount of time, removes the starch. Now, the counter-argument is that your jeans won't develop the same "sick fades," but I disagree with that, as cold water (I'd...
Not sure what you mean "cheating buyers." I've been a customer of Left Field's, I know plenty of people loyal to the brand, and I'll soon carry them in my stores, and I've never heard of them "cheating" anyone. Christian is a good, honest dude who makes excellent clothes at reasonable price points. He's one of the few honest dudes in the business.
Biltmore has a decent selection of obscure pieces left. At least that's what I've seen. 
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