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Not sure what you mean "cheating buyers." I've been a customer of Left Field's, I know plenty of people loyal to the brand, and I'll soon carry them in my stores, and I've never heard of them "cheating" anyone. Christian is a good, honest dude who makes excellent clothes at reasonable price points. He's one of the few honest dudes in the business.
Biltmore has a decent selection of obscure pieces left. At least that's what I've seen. 
That's why my store is in Fort Lee, NJ -- otherwise known as Little Korea. 
Happened to me 4 times in November, so I feel your pain.
The Hayward Herringbone Trousers are awesome.
Unfortunately, I do not. For further assistance, please contact us via www.thecorridorstore.com, and I will have one of my employees assist you.
I'm having a 45-percent off Engineered Garments sale at my store: www.thecorridorstore.com.    Check it out, and reach out via the site if y'all see anything appealing. 
Got a pair of the Officer Chino Pants (Robert Brown colorway) in 34 x 32 that are too big. Looking to trade for a size 33 or 32.    I'd also be willing to pass them along at cost. Shoot me a pm if interested. 
 They have a decent selection of sizes left?
^ They stretch out about an 1 and 1/2 inches 
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