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I'd be interested in the measurements. 
If someone really wants to press the matter a bit, they could use the fact that some orders were allowed and some were cancelled. Simply ask on what grounds some orders were allowed and why yours was not. I mean, it might not be worth it, but it's pretty shitty that they're picking and choosing who gets what. That said, the code was a godsend. I look forward to seeing some pics of everyone's stuff.
Website still sells old stock. I know that for a fact. Hope that helps. "Made in the USA of Imported Fabrics"
Interestingly enough, I commented on how those would break in nicely right after that pic was posted. Looks like I need to pay closer attention. Thanks for the help - appreciate it!
Anyone have pics of broken-in indigo clyde trousers?
When I'm in the New York area I reach out to see if they have anything good. I don't get shipment info. In fact, I'm pretty sure they don't know of shipments until they open the boxes.
I know someone who works at the PSR store, and since it's considered a factory store by virtue of their stock, they have to accept the coupon.
So how about those Knicks?
I hear ya. Makes sense. My concern, though, is that I have a lot of stuff that's built to last and be worn that sits around. I find that I rotate the same 2-3 pants and same 5-6 shirts. I guess I need to start showing my other stuff some love. Or get rid of it.
It seems like most of you have quite a bit of RRL clothing--especially pants. If such is true, then how do y'all break in most of your stuff? I find that I have quite a few things that don't get enough love, and it's really driving me towards becoming a minimalist. Anyone else have similar feelings?
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