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Ideally, RRL would begin an archive page where people can look at older collections -- but I'm not holding my breath for any significant changes (see note: improvements) to their website. 
Sent him a message on eBay letting him know that people are hip to his scam, but he never responded. I'm going to follow up by reporting him. I recommend others do the same. Can't have that kind of nonsense - totally pollutes the brand and people's experiences on eBay. 
Unfortunately, not my collection. Found the photo on nike talk. I have the ross and lightning bolt jackets, which are great, but not the others. And yeah, a total knockoff of the one in the middle. Crummy thing to do to people. 
Just about positive most, if not all, of his items are fakes. 
Any ideas when we'll see the next round of markdowns? 
Thanks for the feedback, dude. Is it super rigid? Trying to decide between Dawson Denim's neppy Japanese chore jacket and RRL's.
Anyone see/handle this in person?
Not much experience with Mike Amiri denim, but I'd check out RRL if you're looking for nicely distressed (Japanese) jeans. Much cheaper than Mike Amiri (especially when they go on sale - could be purchased for $110 - $200), the quality is superb, and they have a variety of fits to choose from. Hope that helps. 
I have a brand new pair of Red Wing Iron Rangers Hawthorne Muleskinners in size 8, if anyone is interested. Feel free to shoot me a holler. Happy Holidays, folks. 
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