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My favourite belt for sure :)
Could anyone comment on this please? I tried making a thread but due to complexity was advised to ask one of the tailors here. I'd really appreciate it :)
Bump, anybody? I tried posting this on the tailors fit thread but nobody has got back to me on it so far. The fit is pretty good aside from this annoying issue!
Something weird is happening with my MTM suit sleeves, can anyone help diagnose? My shirt sleeves are quite slim so I don't think it's the shirt causing it. Can these be widened if necessary?  
I've seen a lot of varied advice on sleeve fit. My MTM suit has narrower sleeves than my RTW and I am wondering if the narrowness is causing this wrinkling and whether it looks out of proportion.   How possible is it to alter suit sleeves to make them wider?   Thoughts appreciated:  
I've asked in the London stores. The assistants all concur and I believe the forum does too. If you email their customer service, I can all but guarantee you they will say the same as well.
The La Spalla, once known as the Jort, is the only SS RTW line that is fully canvassed. Their MTM offerings are fully canvassed and start at a lower cost than the full priced Jort. I would recommend going with MTM unless you happen to fit the La Spalla cut. It appears to be best suited for someone with a big chest/small waist. MTM will get you a better result in the majority of cases.
I'll conceed that it was quite silly to stand there, but you can still see all the lines of the jacket, at least you can on the monitor I'm looking on, I'll get some more pictures but if anyone has any critique meanwhile I'd still welcome it.
Feedback on my MTM suit would be very much appreciated. The break on the trousers is actually fine, I just hadn't pulled them up and done up the side tabs here. I'm wondering about the front length. Length from the back looks spot on, but it's 1cm shorter than my usual coats, so perhaps it runs a touch short in the front.      
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