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They are chippewa.
 This.I have 4 pairs of redwings and 1907's are the ones i wear the most.  in about 3 years time, time to resole them now.  i just wish i went up half a size as my feet tend to swell later in the day. great leather, and after a supremely painful break in, they are as comfy as any gym shoes i ever wore.
same here, guess i'll go some other day.  don't really want to deal with michigan ave on a friday.
Damn you nike. Havent gotten a pair in a while. @RFX45 , are those free 1.0 a general release?
This is my ringtone. People always ask what the "cool funky song" is.
Your shirts are too big, to tailor even. Your shoes need help. Whats your budget for shoes?
haberdash chicago 25% off all shoes, including rancourt and alden.
I do, buy around construction sites all day, so denim seems most practical. Might switch to chinos here and there if it gets too hot, but raw works for me. Only buy cheaper stuff like undbranded, nf, and even gap. Will give uniqlo a try, price seems right.
 try Barbour for the jacket.
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