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american apparel?
i see you're aware.chicago here too.
right on, i'll backpedal and read up and perhaps share/get opinions.
was up to 195 in hs - was in shape, and looking at my hs photos, not sure how i tipped the scales at anything over 170. got up to 235 before i had my first kid, when she was born, quit smoking and got down to 171. currently at 190, would like to get down to 180, but i've looked worse. at 32 year of age, under 200 lbs, i feel like i'm some kind of a supermodel around my peers.  what a slob infested crapfest of a society we've turned into.
are PEDs off limits here?
thank god there's no tricker's stockists in chicago.  don't think i could hold out.                               does anyone know if there's a stockist in chicago?
so excited about my trip to alden dc now.
is the tricker's factory store on ebay for seconds or are they first quality?
for dress shoes, the default starting "good pairs" are: black - allen edmonds park avenue brown -mcallister walnut - strand.   the rest i agree with, one item at a time until you get your sizing and preferences down.   good luck and post pictures of purchases.
could be one of the following:   red wing 8196 chippewa plain toe wedge thorogood 6" plain toe boot
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