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^ ceramics friend:   have her set up a linked in account , listing her company and her skills.  have her connect with a few friends and set up a "network" there.  eventually a name will pop up that might help her.
^   yeah, i believe those soles were meant for farm work and hunting originally, i.e. mud and dirt, not hard surfaces.
some of these replies cant be serious.   i'll vouch for the alden and loafers recs.  not sure if cp sneakers are "for going out", depends on the setting i guess.   walk-over makes nice suede bucks from what i hear.  of course if money's no object, i'd get alden instead of those.   rancourt also makes nice "casual" shoes.
learn something new every day (re: brutalism). lived in eastern europe as a young kid, that type of architecture is commonplace, never knew there was a name for it.
different lasts, different insoles, different leather, different welt. i had a pair of 875's for a couple weeks and have a pair of 877's and 1097's now.  the 1907's are much more comfortable, the 877 (basically 8" version of 875) is not very comfortable.  they do fine for an 8 hour day, but i've done as much as 24 hour days in 1907's with no discomfort.
looks like 5 for me:   red wing 1907 red wing 877 red wing iron ranger black clarks desert boots in beeswax alden indy 405
so you do your drunken groping in libraries in broad daylight?  shame on you, mister.
what's the location of these clubs?  im guessing somewhere in europe vs a suburb of cleveland, the fashion will change as well.  last time i went clubbing was 15 years ago, where everyone wore express polyester shirts or affliction tshirts (everyone was in the ufc then).
 took me a year to break mine in, wearing them 5 days a week for a month, then reduced it to 2, as i couldn't handle it anymore. fit like a glove now.
i'm wearing my 877's right now, and here are the differences i see:   the leather color is way off (unless it's some camera effect).   the stitching around the moc toe and the welt looks too dense compared to mine, my stitches seem to be much thinner/larger.   but without seeing them in person, i wouldn't be 100%.  however, they do not look like mine (bought them at a red wing store).
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