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 the approved answer would be , "why not both?"  but thanks for letting me know about these, just about ideal shoes for me.
i have one i got from a levi's store, plain tan leather. one from zissou, a member here (probably my best belt) one natural tan from corter .
Ll bean sells the brown shoes
What a dangerous thread on a buzzed thanksgiving
that you, Fred Durst?
notre-shop.com  1/3 off
bonobos, 40% off items with a turducken badge with code "thehunt"
hypebeast 30%?
i would guess he wants the chicago haberdash , which ishttps://www.haberdashmen.com/
just got a pair of ub-201.  i can fit about two fingers between my belly and the pants if i pull them about.  are these too big? should i size down one?
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