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About a year ago I ordered a pair of black camel leather Blaxlands MTO. To make a long story short, there were some excess leather on the upper of one of the boots after wearing them in. I contacted RM Williams about the problem including some photos of the problem area and the customer service representative suggested relasting them, free of charge. Since living on literally the other side of the world from the factory it took the better part of the winter to get the...
Yes, more or less that with black stitching.
It is in the middle of the night here, but I sure can tomorrow
I have them right before me and believe me they are beautiful, but it's not what we signed up for. Given the material used I would accept minor deviations, but this is a completely different colour.
They are definitely lighter than the cognac shell from Epaulet, but the same colour as the cognac balmoral boots from SkoAB. The box says cognac shell cordovan. I was so excited when I received mine that I did not even think about the ressemblance to the original Horween pics. They are really not the same colour.
If I am not mistaken that is my pair in the pictures from SkoAB. I'd say the colour is quite true to the real deal.
They are even better in person! A very nicely balanced boot! The Oscar last is quickly becoming my favourite with Carmina.
I got lucky. Picking mine up in person in a couple of hours.
Please, please, please offer the Lana boot with rubber soles! It is begging for tweed companion on long countryside walks.
Extremely narrow, according to the staff att Skoaktiebolaget. Even narrower than the Simpson last.
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